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Saturday, June 24, 2006
By the way, Im ALIVE.

so i haven't been here for like FOREVER. guess i just didn't feel like telling the world wide web what's been up with me. besides, there's multiply, so basically those who knows me knows where i've been going and what i've been doing... but never really what im thinking. oooh, tricky.

so anyway, let me sum it up in 5 items.

1. Taft Season 2.1 is getting me bored.
2. There's so much to do, but i suddenly became lazy to do my "work"
3. I STILL want to shop, and i STILL don't have shopping money.
4. My old cam retired, broken but will be fixed BUT i got a new one, so happy for me.
5. Accounting sucks and 3 gay teacher in one day is too much.


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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

ain't a frosh no more. finally, some freeeeeedom. after what seemed like forever. well, im too lazy to write something about the last 11 months in la salle. all i can think about is summer summer and summer.

bora. here i come.

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Friday, March 17, 2006
random wants

i'm feeling materialistic right now.

1. i've decided to take a break from shopping for clothes and accessories.
i've finally realized that i want to shop for shoes. ok, i've been wondering why jeniffer garner was so awed when she saw that closet of shoes in 13 going on 30, and why Carrie Bradshaw is crazy about Manolo Blahniks. well, for some reason, i get it now. now, i want shoes. (i've this idea of putting another piggy bank in my closet labeled as "donate for shoes")

2. i want Calvin and Hobbes. since high school i've been wanting one, and now they have the anniversary book already. i want one!!!

3. i want books. any kind. novels, coffee table books, self-help, novelties, humor, comics... i could stay in powerbooks all day and just want everything there.

4. did i mention shoes?

5. accessories and bags please.

6. you know what, i still can't help it.. i want more clothes.

dang. ultramaterialistic man. it sucks being shopaholically poor. (wow. i invented a new word.) oh well. im superficial. whatevs. im in my materialistic mood.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
the world isn't on my side again. has it ever been anyway? for some reason, i've been living in my own world where population: 1. i love my friends, god knows how thankful i am for them. they've been there for me, i don't know how they put up with my drama series. i know they're here for me, i do and i appreciate that. but right now, i really feel that i'm alone on this. fine, im overdramatic. im self absorbed. but it's not like you know how i feel. i don't even know what i want right now or what it is that's going to make me feel better. i'm so tired of feeling bad already that i'm already numb. i'm already tired of thinking that i've turned into an airhead. i've cried it all out that there's no more tears to shed. this is something that can't be fixed. it's something that i've got to live with. it's already hard to fake a smile when deep inside im the saddest person alive. it sucks that nobody even knows. i'm sorry i'd to be this way.

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Monday, February 27, 2006
im 19.

it's like i woke up in the middle of my dream, and to think that i was bitter the day before. i couldn't put these feelings into words. i start to think about what happened yesterday and and all i can do is cry and smile. know what, those last 48 hours, my life was perfect. it really was. there was nothing more that i could ask for, i got it all- my family, especially my friends. cuervo, mixed drinks, pizza, chips, boy bawang, flat tops.

it was the perfect inuman and the perfect surprise.

i was the happiest birthday girl and i owe it to them.

why are birthdays once a year? well, if it were every month or everyday then it wouldn't be special anymore. i love birthdays.

oh well. till the next part-ay.

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Friday, February 24, 2006
somethings just know how to ruin a perfectly good birthday. thankyouverymuch. your mission is complete. congratulations.

and there's no one to blame.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006
i wasn't able to write about SARIWA. oh well.

oh gosh, im turning 19 in 3 days. and i'm not even in the mood to write something sentimental about my 18th year. yeah, it is sentimental. and it is probably one of the best years of my life. but right now, all i can think about is cheesecake, so forgive me for being such an airhead right now.

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