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Sunday, November 23, 2003
Mandy Moore

it's the day i've been waiting for my whole life. I'm finally gonna see Mandy Moore!
yey!!! can't you tell? i'm sooooooooooooo happy. :)!

i bought my ticket 2 days after they officially announced the concert. Thanks to my
Tito Rene
(thank you thank you!) i had the money to buy tickets. I'm supposed to
go there with ayesa, but her dad didn't allow her. too bad.

but that wouldn't stop me from going.

November 20, 2003. the day i've dreamed of. my tickets were at the lower box.
next to the patron seats. i was at Araneta at around 5:30pm and they opened the
gate at around 6:00 pm.. i was third in our line. even if i had reserved seats.. i just
had to be there.. hey, can you blame me?

i actually prepared this little gift for Mandy, just a few bracelets and a necklace, i
placed it in a black box and wrapped it with ribbon. Inside, i also wrote a short letter.

before the concert, i saw Heart just a few seats away from me, doing so vj thing for myx,
i approached her and asked her if we could take a pic.. she was nice. and she's very
pretty! i like her tube top.. she's very pretty, but i'm taller than her. hehe.

I was wearing the outfit wore in one of her penshoppe ad. And 2 people from penshoppe
approached me and asked if they could take a picture of me, coz of my outfit. i was the
only one wearing that. the exact blue stripes top. khaki skirt, hat, white shoes. yeah.

**i was alone. my mom watched but she's in the general admission, with my ninang.

when the show was almost starting.. you know, sponsors and everything.. people started
swarming in. i was seating at section 202, row 1, seat 3. and on my left is a man about
in his 40's and the other one in his late 20's. OK. total bore. Velo nga was at the upper
box just above our section.. itatakas ko na sana siya para may ka-jamming ako kaso
ayaw ng dad niya. too bad. luckily, there was this girl that arrived with her dad. She was
seating to seats on my left. i just had to approach her, i asked her if she wanted to seat
with me and she was happy about in, the 40's guy was kind enough to exchange seats with
her. then on my right, the 20's guy exchanged seat with his date.. now we're three girls.


8:30- The penshoppe fashion show started. Ok, Paolo Valenciano is so cute.
-- Arnee started to do her act. Cold Summer Nights then Crazy In Love. Her backup
rappers sounded so bad. and the sound system sucked. Her outfit? so not in the mood.
-- JayAr did his thing. Design For Love, the mixed U Remind Me and Senorita and

then a long long wait. i guess they're fixing the sound system, coz it went bad for
Arnee and JayAr.


OF ME!!!!
grabe, it was one of the happiest day of my life.

What made it extra special and completely perfect and happy...

After the 1st song, i went out to go to the patron section. (Thanks to Mr. Paul, an Araneta
employee) he helped me sneaked in to get to the partron seats. I ran to the VERY VERY
FRONT. I was IN FRONT, below the stage.
Mandy was around 6 feet away from Mandy. Then
at that moment i was in front of her, she sang CAN WE STILL BE FRIENDS. i couldn't help it
but i was too happy to feel that tears were falling already, i was taking pictures and singing.
but then the bouncers asked us to leave that place.. but it was ok. i was so happy.
I was actually trying to reach to Mandy the gift, but the bouncers were telling me to leave.
Luckily, there was this girl, a concert staff, told me that she'll give the gift to Mandy after
the show. So, she got it from me and said she'll hand it to her.

I just really hope that it gets to her. I'm crossing my fingers, but i know it did. :)

Then after that, i went back to my seat. I just thought it would be unfair if i stayed there..
:) Mandy sang her songs from her new album COVERAGE. after every song she would tell
something about the song or just completely just tell us anything. She's really nice. She sang
"I Wanna Be With You" and "Only Hope" which I totally loved. and I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE I'M

Then after the last song.. she said her goodbyes and thank yous. But the crowd wanted more.
So after she left the stage for like 2 minutes, she went back and she sang "CRY".


This was my favorite performance ever. The lighting was so good, it looked like the video.
When she was singing it.. The song was really really beautiful. as the title suggests, that
performance made me cry too. i don't know if it's because i'm happy or just awed.. but
that time Mandy was singing cry, it was a moment you can't explain.

Everything has to end.. especially those moments, you want to stay forever.
Oh well. I'm never gonna forget that night.. the night i watched MANDY MOORE.

;) xoxo.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003
Last Minute Bagaberde

We were on the way home listening to the radio, then i just blurted out that Nyoy's gonna be at Bagaberde that night (yesterday, november 17). Well, my mom's a big fan so.. it was her idea to go.

gig on a school night!

when we got there, i saw kuya gilbert.. tapos i think he told kuya Nyoy kasi when i went inside Baga, Kuya Nyoy went out the band room, then he called me. coolness.

Ate Nina was there din! i didn't know she was gonna be there, but she was there.. hehe.. she performed "Through The Rain" and she was totally AMAZING. better than Mariah, thankyouverymuch.

;) so to keep the story short.. i hanged out with Kuya Nyoy and Ate Nina at the band room for sometime..
one string snapped in Kuya Nyoy's blue guitar.. and yeah, they were both ever-so-great.

i left after Kuya Nyoy's 2nd set. sayang nga eh, Ate Nina said kakantahan niya ko ng Mandy, but i had to leave.

i have school you know. ;)

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That Night at Dish

anyway, it was carmi's birthday celebration.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARMI! and we went to party at dish, last november 14, 2003. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MM! oh, yah.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH BABY!

back to dish - we watched Jay-Ar and he was great, but the best of all.. SouthBorder was going to perform that night. They were great, as usual.. and yep, we got to talk with Jay and Duncan (and kuya Alvin).

there's just other things that happened that night that made it ever so special.

but that's another story *wink*

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Monday, November 10, 2003
Reality Bites

so, sembreak's over. and that totally sucks.

oh well.

i miss sleeping late at night, waking up late in the morning..
eating popcorn and watching movies..

too hard to accept.

have ta go.
until next time :)

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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

November 3, 2003- Tavern on A Square, Greenbelt.

here's the thing, i wont get into details coz if i tell you like the whole story, it'll be so
damn long that you'd be too lazy to finish it. AND, i can't take the excitement anymore.
Baka maiyak nalang ako sa kakakwento. i'll just get to the big ones. :)

*we were super front seats at the gig. plus, it was a monday (school night). There
were only a few people there, and we (Ayesa, Vicky and Monique) are the only
ones who actually went there for SouthBorder, rather than the very expensive food ;)

*Duncan remembered us! yey.. he even went to our table to say "hi" and "hello" at
kwento kwento.. hehe..

*i was on my way to the girls room, Duncan somewhere there..
(duncan) -pointing at me- "Wait, san nga ba?"
(kimmy) "Dish."
(duncan) "Oh yah!"
(kimmy) "naalala mo ko?!"
(duncan) "yup." *smiles*
+tapos tumama yung shoulder ko sa side table. "OUCH!"

*we started the whole get-up-and-dance.. hehe.. yeah, we danced. :) we turned
Tavern into a disco.

*super saya kasi Jay dedicated some songs for us. ;)

*wala kong masabe, it was so fun!!! as in.. SOUTHBORDER WAS SUPER AMAZING.
Tata did a solo on his bass, sobra jaw-dropping. Jay did a solo. jaw-dropping. Vince
was super sweet to Peach (his wife), and Duncan? *awww..*

*Jay-Ar was there, lalang.. we took some pics with him. he was nice medyo mayabang,
he was ok.. in fairness.. galing niya kumanta.. he sang "one last cry" *hands down*

*We actually get to talk with Jay, Duncan, Vince, Butch, Tata, Rick, Paul and
Alvin (part of their staff or something..) Yun, we introduced ourselves, cute nga nila pag
minememorize nila yung names namin eh..

+"Monique, Vicky, Kimmy, Kim.."

*We met Ms. Sharon, the band's manager, and she was nice.. she even introduced us to
to Rick (or was it Tata?)

*We met Peach, Vince's wife. they have two kids na! 2yrs and 2 months.. sweet nga nilang
dalawa eh.. and Peach was super nice, she was jamming and just hanging out with us.

*Thanks to Ms. Sharon, we have a pic with the whole band. :)

*Grabe, thank you sila ng thank you samin! ediba dapat kami ang mag thank you.. pero
thank you sila ng thank you. Ang cute pa nga ng way ng pag th-thank you nila eh. ;)

*After the show, we bid our good-byes, and good byes and good byes.. humirit pa si
Duncan ng isang pang round ng names.

(duncan) "Kim, Kimmy.." -eh he was pointing at someone else..-
(kimmy) "Huh?!"
(duncan) -pointing at me- "Oo nga, Kimmy!"
+kala ko sa iba siya nakatingin eh.. hehe..

*they even invited us to their other gigs. :) pati JAPAN.

Shux. THAT NIGHT WAS THE BEST NIGHT EVER. I kind of miss them na.. hehe..
grabe, we're friends na with southborder :) ang saya..


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Monday, November 03, 2003
Happy halloween!

just a quickie.

last halloween, i was on my way to the province when my mom popped in Kuya Nyoy's cd. i remembered him so i texted him a happy halloween.

he texted back "Happy halloween!"

lalang.. it was his first txt eh. :p

blotted @ 11:32 AM


Ate Nina and her surprise guest.

i was lucky enough to get to watch Nina's birthday concert last october 30.
how i got in? that's another story..

i actually came in, almost over half past the show.. Nina, Bituin and Anna on stage.

galing nila. :)
where i sat? in the front, middle aisle. cool noh?!

anyway.. i was happy i was there.. who wouldn't be.. so there, i watched.
Nina left the stage and it was Bituin and Anna's duet.. so i tried to sneak backstage
and catch Nina.. (thanks peachy for that "passage way" *wink*)

guess what i saw?! A blue guitar flooded wih pin buttons. :)

(kimmy) "Kuya Gilbert! ano ginagawa mo dito? andito si Kuya Nyoy?"
(kuya gilbert) "Oh! andito ka rin?! Oo, andyan sa labas, naka upo."

so i went outside, then i saw kuya nyoy.

(kimmy) "Kuya Nyoy! you're here!"
(kuya nyoy) "Kimmy, you're here din."
--then he gave me anotha kiss on the cheek--
(kimmy) "Bat ka nandito? di mo sinasabi"
(kuya nyoy) "special guest ako ni Nina eh"
(kimmy) "ahh.."
--then i introduced him to my brother, and my bro, Ej, was super shocked
and he can't believe that Kuya Nyoy and I actually know each other.---

later that night.. i was going in and out of the backstage.. (kapal noh?!)
then, i hanged out with Kuya Nyoy backstage while he was waiting for his turn to
"surprise" Nina.. he was doing his MAGIC TRICKS to my brother. He had the same
mouth-open-jaw-dropping reaction to his magic.

(411: i texted kuya nyoy that afternoon, and he didnt reply :( )
before i left and before he performs..
(kuya nyoy) "Sorry i didnt reply, i was driving that time eh, pero i knew it was you"

awww... :p

then they both performed.. Kuya Nyoy sang "You are my You" and Nina sang "Loving You"
while Kuya Nyoy was on guitar for that song.

After the show: Still backstage with Kuya Nyoy, he met my mom and my ninang.. and they
were both thrilled about it.. I met Nina.. we took a pic.. and talked a little.

Music Museum and Kuya Nyoy: two nights in a row.
I saw Ate Nina perform and met her. Kuya Nyoy was a surprise bonus.

that night was too perfect.

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Kuya Nyoy.

here's the recap. :)

peachy and I have been counting down to this date: october 29, 2003.
yeah, coz we're gonna see Mr. Nyoy Volante perform in his "eclectic acoustic" show.

take note: we got in for free, thanks to peachy and her friends. :)

let's cut to the chase.

when we got in, i saw nyoy's back. hehe. cute back though. :)
then peachy went up to him, then she introduced me to him, then HE shook my hand and
gave me a kiss on the cheek.

no biggie. *waaahh!* :)

ok, there. i met him.. he did some card tricks, i was amazed.. like my mouth was open. :)
then we hang out backstage. (shoutouts to kuya myron and ate anna :p, cool magic tricks )

akafellas: we met kuya robi.. he was sooo nice! really. the akafellas were great, i got
goosebumps while they were on stage.. galing.

nyoy on stage: he was great. i admit, i was sleepy that night already but when he was up there,
he was simply amazing. galing. *applause* :)

after the show: ok, peach and i went backstage, waited for mr. nyoy, then when he finally came
out, we took some pics, talked a little.. then there. after that, i went home and i got a good bye
kiss from kuya nyoy. :) *winks at peach.*

that was the night. and i ended up calling him, KUYA NYOY. :)

*if i had to tell this story detail by detail, it's gonna take a whole lot of time. :)

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