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Tuesday, February 17, 2004
BoyzIIMen and Brian McKnight


I'm one of the luckiest people who got to watch the BoyzIIMen and Brian McKnight Back-to-Back Concert last Feb. 13, 2004. The day before Valentine's Day..

I got to watch it in the P2,600 seat for FREE.

how lucky can I get?!

+ The before, I was at Mm's house doing our ever-beloved history powerpoint project when my mom called me.. hehe.. She surprised me!! I was freaking out coz I'm going to watch the concert!!!!!! so there. Thanks Mom. and to my Ninang, who provided us with the tickets.. Thanks Discovery Suites. hehe.


After school I went to my mom's office to change.. so hinatid kami ni Daddy sa Ultra.
siyempre, gugutumin kami so we looked for a place to eat..

suggestion ko: AYSEE.


The best ang SISIG nila. At first pa nga, parang ayaw ni mommy at ninang sa place na yun pero when they started eating.. Hala, nag order pa ng isa pa. SARAP. ang dami nga na people na doon kumain na manonood din ng concert eh.


OMGOSH. BoyzIIMen and Brian McKnight in one concert?!

How cool. Plus, KEITH MARTIN was also there to do 2 songs, since he was going to watch the concert, he sang 2 songs na din.

More.. Lani Misalucha was also there to perform! GRABE!!!!

++ Brian McKnight ++

He went out and started the first half of the concert. GRABE. i can't explain the feeling. It was TOOOOOOO overwhelming to see him perform. He was soooooooo good.

Galing. Hands Down.

He sang his songs.. i can't type all of it, it's too many. Of course, his very popular songs.. he actually did some in medley. But it was really good.

He played the piano and the guitar and yes, he danced and played on stage.

He did his own version of Overjoyed and he was so funny coz he was trying to impersonate Stevie Wonder. Galing... nakakatawa siya.. para siyang bulag na may sira. hehe..

He also sang Back At One which was really good coz he let the audience do sing with him.

Audience: One
Brian: You're like a dream come true..
Audience: Two
Brian: Just wanna be with you..

He was super amazing. And he also did a duet with Lani Misalucha.. he even mis pronounced her last name.. hehe.

People were screaming "MORE! MORE! MORE!" but he didnt come back. aww.

++ BoyzIIMen ++




Thanks this 3 guys, I'm having the Hang Over.


They first sang On Bended Knees and at the last line.. SHAWN went down on his knees and sang. It was suppppperrrrr sweet.

and they kept on saying: Manila, we love you!

I really didnt know all of the songs that they sang, but even though... They still made me stand up and dance.. they made me scream.. they made we swoon over them.


at 12 midnight.. The guys said "Happy Valentine's Day!" and that's when i realized that it was in fact, February 14 already. So it was BoyzIIMen who first greeted me.


Shawn started saying a few things about how they wanted their songs to have a meaning for us.. and how they wanted us to really get into the mood and song sice its valentines and all that.. then he said.

these are.. The Classics.

the intro started playing.. and they started singing...

we dont even talk anymore..

i was caught dead. I leaned on my chair.. and cried.

they made me cry. I don't know, i guess it's because im so touched with their songs.. and they were sooooo completely good that they really brought so much meaning and all that stuff to the songs..

That was by far, the best part of their show.. The Classics. WOW. hands down.

Then I can't take it anymore so I transfered to the front section, I slided between the rails and yes, i was just a few seats away from the stage, at the side though..

They started giving out roses to the audience and I can't get my was through. nagtakbuhan lahat sa harap.

Oh well.

Still. they sang more songs that we can't get enough of. and when they finally started to say their Byes and Thank Yous.. and left the stage.. people were screaming "MORE! MORE! MORE!"

++to be continued++

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Hey Ya!

Grabe! GRAMMYS!! hehe.. this is the one award show i never miss. not a chance.. ;)

+JUSTIN WON!! wohoo! first time and he got 2 Grammys kaagad! hehe.. saya. And i soooo loved his performance.. :)
+Black Eyed Peas was soooooo good.. tapos they performed pa with J.T. so super galing..2 of my fave artists performing. sayang they didnt win..
+No Doubt won again!! yey! my fave artists winning.. :)
+HEY YA!!! Outkast!! love them.

i really should get the speakerboxxxxx/the love below album.

oh well. till next year.


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Sunday, February 08, 2004

c'mon everybody there are brand new stars.. blah blah blah (i dont know these lines eh..) and they won't hold back.. to DREAM. BELIEVE. SURVIVE. STARSTRUCK!


un lang. hehe..

super happy nanalo siya.. :) oh well.. ganon talaga. magaling kasi sumayaw. ;)

hay.. ok, gotta split na, i'm watching SOP, dun si Mark eh.


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Friday, February 06, 2004
"sort of" Perfect Day

It's a perfect day.. blah blah blah blah blah blah.. It's a perfect day... blah blah blah blah blah.. *singing*

I'm supposed to be singing the song "perfect day" from legally blonde 1 (love that movie ;)) but i forgot the lyrics. hehe.

so anyway, im updating my blog, like how i UNUSUALLY do. hehe.. hay, One day.. isang araw.. mag uupdate din ako on a regular basis.. let's say once a week? hehe.. it will happen.. :)

back to my story.

morning- i ate 2 chips ahoy! yum yum. then.. school.. boring but we didnt have chemistry coz our teacher went to a science convention or something so we did a seatwork.. then lunch.. blah blah.. *sorry im skipping* then finally homeroom!

scary. kukunin na yung card.

i wasnt expecting anything good to come out. just wishing that i'll have a 90+ average.. well, things turned out pretty cool.
first it was Aroa, my cheeky girl.. she was freaking out coz she got a 91-point-something average. I'm so happy for her! CONGRATS CHEEKY GIRL! then it was Mon, and she finally made it! yey! first time niya!! so happy for her din! CONGRATS M! siyempre, scary.. after ni Mon ako, edi kakakaba naman diba..

CHEERS FOR ME! hehe.. i made it.. got 92.11 average. YEHEY!!!

siyempre saya ng lahat.. congrats din kei Riva, Jordie, Novee and Suzette! sa buong TRIFIVE! hehe..

so there.. perfect, don't you think?

but after that, it's the moment that we're dreading. DT PRACTICES. Don't get me wrong.. I love to perform.. it's simply great that you get to perform in front of people, but practices? if only we can skip it.

After getting our cards.. or should i say.. paper, edi todo sigwan at raving namin sa corridor ni Ayesa. When we were going down for practice, we're so raving about our grades and stuff.. and for all we care. Nag joke pa kami..

"Ang perfect ng araw noh? saya saya..!"

"Oo nga, makulimlim pa."

"Oo nga.. pero mas perfect kung biglang sabihin ni Ate Nikki.. wala palang practice"

"Hehe. Oo nga"

when we got to the red tiles, puro bag, walang tao.. so we decided to grab something from the canteen. here's the not so unexpected twist.. we saw Ate Nikki.

"Oo, bat nala gala ka?"

"Walang practice. di ba sinabi ni Mon sa inyo?"


Haha. wala ngang practice. perfect diba?!

so i showed my parents my grades. and they were happy about it.. hehe.. sino ban hindi matutwa kasi? jk!
nilibre nila ko sa Mcdo. oh well, ganon talaga ako, Mcdo ang makakapagpasaya sakin.

i ordered Happy Meal 1 pc chicken with rice, ice tea and choco sundae cone and a toy- Koda bear!

but they didnt have sundae cone (tunaw daw) so they replaced it with apple pie.


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