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Wednesday, March 31, 2004
Made It

i have about 5 minutes to type coz i'm gonna eat then i'll be leaving na. i'm going to school. ha. i missed that place.. school school.. makikita ko nanaman ang school.

grabe ang saya.. i thought i wasn't able to make it for the finals coz i haven't received a message from Ms. Gavino. It's already march 30 and the practice is on the 31st and i still didnt get anything so i bet i didnt make.

surprise. surprise.

on the, what like, 9:30pm of march 30 i got a txt message from riva.

i went crazy at Cinnabon.

awardee ako. yes!

im hungry. laters!

i'm back from school, just edited this one since it talks about the same topic anyway.
awardee ako for acads and club. wait lang.. club?? really. wow. all that dance practices, wrestling banat buto sessions paid off. thanks core. ;)

anyway. pag dating ni Aroa. voila! we're wearing the same outfit! well, not exactly the same.. just the same style. white belt, stripes top and the headband Ms. Gavino gave us. dba nga.. great minds think alike. love you my cheeky girl.

so there. grabe. i left early during the practice coz i can't take the heat. INIT! oh yah, it's summer. but we were burning up there and we're doing the same things over and over again.. akyat sa stage. bow. baba.

so i left, kasabay ko si Lian with her dear sister na kamuka niya at parehas silang maputi at nag commute kami. first time ni Lian.. para daw matuto siyang mag isa. ayun.. naabutan pa niya Love Storm.

ok. it's the end for me.. i'm going out with my mom to buy my dad a gift. birthday niya tommorow eh.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

and tomorrow we're watching The Passion of Christ. I can't wait to see that movie, i'm having mixed feelings about it. The trailer already made me cry, pano pa kaya yung movie itself. Oh, at iinvade namin ni Ej ang buffet table ng Saisaki bukas! bwahaha! California Maki here i come.


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Tuesday, March 30, 2004
Same Old, Same Old

TRIFIVE.. miss you guys..

(post below edited. lol.)

Woho0! changed my layout for the nth time. hehe, the black didnt work out for me.. everytime i open my blog and see black.. i always miss pink so i decided to change it. and besides, this layout is like so funky. haha. it's more me. gah.
yes.. LOVE THAT PIC above! hehe.. halo halo. woot. love it. lalo na yun top most 3rd box from the left. hayyyyy... hayyyyy...

tag me guys.. i love your tags and i miss your tags.. lam nyo ba, kasi mga 1 week akong hindi nag net tas pagpunta ko dito, dami ng tags.. kakamiss kayo! :)

oh well. bakasyon. boring. pero i like it..







that's basically my everyday life at home. i'm out of popcorn.

i miss this bunch big time.


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Sunday, March 21, 2004
I'm Chilled

so here's my side of the BSA kwento...

it's got to be the best night ever.

i had my nails done the day before.. and i slept early. but even though i slept at 9 the night before, i still woke up late?!like.. 10:30 in the morning then i had to leave the house at 12 coz i'm meeting my mom at her office at lunch but i left home at 12:30 coz i just had to watch Morning Girls, Donita's on it. ;) Oh anyway.. we went to Galle, coz I'm having myself dont at Fix and besides.. there's a mall SALE. I still managed to shop for at least 2 hours.. I finally bought those stuffs i wanted to buy. but still i didn't but a skirt. ran out of cash. bummer. by 4pm i went to Fix already and ta-da! peachy and novee were there, also mai and beatot. Del and Marianne FIXed me up. lol. they were so cool.. hehe.. Del was uber fun. We kept on talking while he's putting make up, haha. he thought Justin Timberlake was hot too. And he completely did the hair, the make up that i wanted. Hands Down. Anyway, i didn't wanna change in the mall but Del was insisting if i can change at Fix nalang coz they wanted to see what i'm going to wear.. so i changed.. and they were gushing over my outfit. coolness. thanks guys.

So i arrived at the Manila Polo Club at aroung past 8. yes, ok?! i was late. But everybody else IS late so no biggie. Whoa. everybody was all glammed up! i totally love it! everybody was looking great. love their outfits, chic man. and just for the record.. i wasn't such a critique as i expected to be.. i totally loved everyone's look. looking fine. I came in with Toni.. hehe. funny namin, para kaming naliligaw pag pasok.. we were looking for a table.. and GAWD. the table that we were on, i was with Ching and Iya.. that was the best table you can find man. you'll know... keep reading...

I didn't see everybody i wanted to see though.. the place was just soooo, party-ish that i missed some people. but glad i was with my friends. yeah. trifive friends and best buds friends. hehe. anyway. then the party starts...

Juddha Paolo was our host for the night.. and of course Maita and Monique, professional emcees nga eh, sabi ni Mon. Pro na. :) okay. Warning. (take note: when i say warning.. something's gonna happen. haha. Ayesa's term.) again. Warning. Juddha sat on a vacant seat at our table. told yah something's up. Then he starts.. "you guys don't have date?" tas loka tong si Ton.. tinuro yung mga picture sa wall.. "yan, date namin, pili ka". Hehe. siyempre pati si Juddha natawa.. then he went back on stage. Then after he went back to our table again. warning. i was standing kasi.. then he asks.. "you don't have a date?" .. then i go.. "wala eh, kaw nalang" .. then he goes.. "sure, ako nalang date mo.. let's dance later ok?!" OK?!?! NOW HOW KILIG WAS THAT?! !@#$%^&* freakin out over here. fast forward.. sabi ni Ton, mag pic naman kami ni Juddha.. o0 nga naman. "Juddha, pic tayo", so he made me sit beside him, then first his head was like leaning over my head.. then he goes "wait lang, date kita diba" warning. he wrapped his arms around me. Oh Geez. I can't breathe. and i have the picture to prove it. then he says again, "let's dance later ok?!" OK! IM DANCING. sheesh.

food came. yummy chicken. table manners don't forget. and everytime Juddha would sit again, he'd go "why aren't you guys eating" and i'm like.. how can we eat with you there?! man. he's yummy. i'm already full just by staring. and ok, im like not yet done with my food and i just looked behind me and the waiter took my plate! damn you. asan ang pagkain ko?! arrgh! bat mo kinuha di pa ko tapos! oh well. Southborder's here..

i went out to meet them.. and my mom was still at the lobby and she was like "uy, nandito na sila Duncan" yes mom, thanks. then i saw Duncan and Vince sitting behind my Dad?! ok, Daddy right there. So anyway.. Vince saw me, "uy!" then he pointed, kinalabit ko si Duncan, then he was like "uy.. uy.. UY!" parang napaisip pa.. then beso beso.. "blooming ka ngayon ah..".. siyempre.. hehe. so there. finally they went inside, and i saw Jay na. performance time. Ok. Paulinians, bat kayo ganyan?? konting hiya please. UNA, ANG DAMI NIYONG REKLAMO AT AYAW NIYONG MAGBAYAD SA SOUTHBORDER TAPOS NGAYON NAGKAKANDARAPA KAYO SA KANILA AT INAAKYAT NIYO PA NG STAGE.. GEEZ. nakakahiya nga kay Ate Ron (SB's manager) she was going like "oh no, wag naman." and we were like, "hoy please walang aakyat ng stage." eh wala hindi mapigil. napaso ako sa spotlights ok?!?! so i have a burn down my legs. FREAKS. Oh well. Southborder was great. as usual. Tapos tong si Duncan, pose ng pose. kailangan na ngang umalis eh. hehe. hinatid namin sila sa labas, and Duncan said bye and haha kiss ule. love that guy. Bye Vince. Bye Kuya Jay. hay.. mga rainbow. Oh, forgot to mention.. after SB's performance, warning. Juddha was standing beside the stage tas sabi ko sa kanya, "pano ba yan, ayaw na sayo.." then he was like, "Oo nga eh, buti ka pa."HAY. MAY GOSH.

fast forward.. Silent Sanctuary, and the bacnd with the Violins were great. Really, they were! especially the sort-of-Beatles-band. WHOA. they seriously brought the house down. greatness. :) Here goes the P-A-R-T-Y-! Dancin time! surprise surprise! lumabas ang pagka wild ng mga people.. yes, EVERYBODY WAS DANCING. heck they were grinding man. Dance. Dance. Dance. Love that word. So, Aroa and I were dancing up front and everybody else was too.. even Juddha.. he was dancing with the people, and they were like tumitili. hehe. so nag boboggie kami ni Aroa. hehe. warning. then Juddha was like, "Kimmy, let's dance" Ok. MY GOSH. we were dancing. MY GOSH. OH MY GOD I CAN'T GET OVER THAT! fast forward.. Maita and Juddha were up on stage and they were looking for Mon, who was missing at that time.. then Juddha said "Hey Kimmy come up here let's talk." WHAT? ME? ok. i came up. Grabe. I didn't what to do, natutunaw ako. Awarding.. No surprise that Japoy won Chill King. He was really cute! I mean.. really, such a cutie! :) hay.. and KM won. it's because of that dress.. or was it tela? hehe. Nikki and her date won Cutest Couple, and they are cute together! Sabi nga ni Marianne, Nikki's date was such a nice and fun guy, she liked talking to him. Pach won head turner of the night. Our Madonna-Material-Girl. and Maico won Best Make-Over. haha.. she was something.. and the hat, so maico-ish. hehe. oh not to forget, Marianne :) and Maita won Stag Princesses! Yey!! So, the chill king and queen had their dance of the night and the cutest couple.. then, warning. Juddha said "Kimmy, let's dance" and i was like "On stage?!" i said.. "no no no no no no." HOW STUPID CAN I GET?! i should have said yes. kasi naman eh.. nahihiya ako.. well. yah.. nahiya ako that time. Gawd. i remember him making that ok-if-you-dont-want-to face. if you don't believe me, ask Toni, she witnessed everything with Juddha.

We just danced the night away.. I was with Marianne, Ayesa (Gawd. i miss them both so much!) Vicky, Ate Fa.. and many others.. oh yah, Kathoy, she was looking great.. That night was the best, i was with the people i miss the most and we partied the night away.. Danced and danced and danced. It didnt even matter if my feet were so swollen already. ok, before everything ends. warning. i was with Marianne and she was looking for Bagisi kasi birthday niya, and after we found her, i was standing at the side of the dance floor reading a txt, warning. then kinalabit ako ni Juddha then he starts dancing.. so ok i started dancing din.. and he was super HOT. OMG. we started dancing again, then i was going to take a picture of him, then he said "let's take a picture together", he reached for the cam and took our picture. I'm melting. and Marianne's missing.. Uh-oh. Marianne was like "Ok?! so bigla ka nalang nawawala kasi kasayaw mo si Juddha ha?!" hehe. Super Kilig. When he left pa nga at 12, i was at the dance floor then he said he's leaving na, bye.. then he gave me a kiss. hay................................................................... hay talaga....... So basically, all we did was dance and dance.. tapos itong si Ton, gusto makasayaw si Japoy, so i went up to his date first asking for permission, then i asked Japoy if we could dance, ayun. dinala ko sa trifive at natuwa naman sila. nung naguusap kami ni Japoy, he kept on saying na nahihiya daw siya. hello?! bat ka nahihiya?! but he was really nice and friendly and mahiyain. such a cutie. nakakatawa siyang sumayaw. hehe. And if you go inside the girl's room, it's the place where the people were like "Ay grabe! ang sakit na ng paa ko!" lumalabas ang tunay na kulay sa loob ng washroom. paglabas.. pa poise na. hehe.

that was one heck of a night! everybody enjoyed it! it was supposed to be a B-S-A, but heck.. it was a sort-of-prom na! and who cares?! the term BSA was just an excuse.. it's still a prom and the only thing different is that we weren't wearing long prom gowns. it wasn't semi formal either.. it was in between that. but it was the best. just for the record.. sana next year meron uli. it was really, the best night ever. couldn't get over it!

haba. but take note: that's not everything. lol. so there. that was the BSA. it was something huh?! and i still have a hang over.


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Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Teenage Drama Queen

this is the product of satruday afternoon boredom.

I made this layout all by myself. Yes. inculding the mandy moore pic and all the goo goo and gaa gaa of this blog. I'm so excited for this layout.. i think i'm keeping this.

WAHAHAHA!!! i so obsessing over this !@#$%^&*() layout!

coolness. greatness. gah.

Have to study for chem and history.. then watch American Idol. Bvergs nahawa na ko sayo.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Welcome to Hell Week


everything is completely scattered all over the place. i'm such a mess these days. if you're having a great week... lucky you.

1. Geom long test. i don't wanna think about it and i told myself i'm never posting anything about it in my blog. But what the hell. I have to blurt in out or i'll die keeping this to myself. I feel so bad about it... it wasn't completely hard like what they said, i understood all of it.. but men! I PANICKED! i panicked my way through the test.. it turned out bad coz i wasn't able to finish all the items and i skipped #10. stupid. i forgot that after the #9 there's still #10. where did my brain go? So what's the lesson learned? Don't forget how to count. Gah. Don't panic- it messess things up.

2. The dreaded chem paper. Thank God i have great members!!!! they are so helpful at never kaming nagka problema sa isa't isa.. everythings going well with our paper actually.. they're so great.. all i have to do is patch things up.. type-print and we're done. hay.

3. Noli. Waha. can you believe it?? we got 95!! wohoo!! Hands down Bvergs. galing mo. first-general-run-through-isang-buong practice namin was at lunch time.. 2 hours before the actual performance we were. wah. sabog sabog paulit ulit. performance time: WOW. kami ba to? :)

4. Paulinians are the best crammers in the world! i said that before.. and i'll keep on saying it.. so maybe cramming is a bad thing.. but it helps in some way.. lalo na kapag expert ka na.. hehe.

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Sunday, March 07, 2004

hey dudes and dudettes. --> now that's new.. where the hell did i get that. this was one hectic day. just a rundown.

1. went to hannah's house to practice for the noli me tangere play.

-- so, ok. isang aleng chismosa ang aking papel.. dunno if it comes out naturally.. eh yun eh. isa akong chismaker sa panahon ng kopong kopong. heehee. works for me. pero napansin ko lang.. effective pala ang magpaypay habang nag aact, lalo na pag ang papel mo ay isang aleng chismosa. effective siya ah.. feeling mo aleng chismosa ka talaga.

-- HANDS DOWN sa mga gumawa ng backdrop namin. PROPS PEOPLE THE BEST KAYO. sana nga contest nalang ng backdrop to. no doubt panalo na kami. i wonder if the 2nd year are looking for their backdrops?! oh well. nagkaron din sila ng use. haha. peace.

-- sarap ng sweet-mango-sago-creamyish-dessert made by hannah's mom. thankyouverymuch. that's was delish. sayang nga ang bilis na ubos, parang kakatalikod ko lang sinisimot na nila. so hannah baby, if you're reading this.. make some more. hehe.

2. super text twist makes you go gaga.

-- hehe. feeling ko twisted na mga utak namin sa kaka "led! fled! one! someone! roomers!"at "twist! twist!" wahahaha! kinareer (<--spelling?!) ng trifive ang text twist.. text twist masters na kami! bwahaha!. wawa naman si hangaroo.. kinalimutan na.. heehee.

3. mister dount and achebe.

-- so i went to mister donut in megamall.. why there? kasi punong puno ng tao sa mcdo!!! at effective pala mag basa ng book report sa mister donut.. i ordered classic mister donut twist at hot chocolate.. at ayun, nagbasa ako sa sulok.. and works for me.. natapos ko yung book report?! grabe. 209 pages and Okonkwo ended up freakin dead na nakasabit sa puno. at wait lang.. yung last sentence sa book: The Pacification of the Primitive Tribes of the Lower Niger. WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN???? Pacification of the what niger? like, i dont even know there's such a word as pacification?! pacification of the pacific? HUH? oh well. i read the book at punong puno siya ng kamalasan sa buhay ng ating bidang si Okonkwo. kaya nga Things Fall Apart eh.

THINGS FALL APART by Chinua Achebe
The Verdict: It's an OK book.. but I'm only recommending it to the book worms. Non Bookworms and WannaBe Bookworms- i suggest that you go find another book. On the the lighter side, this is a good book for those who really likes reading books. but on the other hand, this book will make you zzzzzzzz in a minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of... hmm.. i forgot, i fell asleep already. Now I understood why its entitled Things Fall Apart.. because it'll make you fall-- asleep. yeah. that's how corny i can get. ignore me please.

So there. some things to ponder on. hehe. isn't my blog getting exciting? LMAO.
Ok.. now i have to go to sleep. Can't wait for tomorrow going shopping for shoes and a bag for the BSA!


here's some pix.

This is the Movie Club :) Hannah baby naka "commercial break" sign. Helena yung ipit sa gitna. Riva naka sideview. Bvergs nasa gilid. Me braided hair by helena. Valmo smile na smile. Aroa's missing.

and here is my cheeky girl! Aroa and Me. yeah.. my cheeky girl.

and now i'm getting obsess with posting pictures.

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Friday, March 05, 2004

omgosh! finally! nag work na din tong freakin photos! haha! love the candy pic sa baba.. makes me crave. hehe. nag work din to. hay. cool nung pic noh? do i look like that girl in the pic? makes me wonder.. napulot ko lang yan sa mtv then i placed a mole.. makes it look so like me.. and voila!..


finally. finally. makakatulog na ko. laters

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can't think of a title for this post so no title for now. I just wacthed Wazzup Wazzup..

Damn It.

Sobrang gwapo ni Drew.. nakakatunaw na to. Bwisit siya. ndi rin. :)

sobrang napupuno na ng Drew tong blog na to. Oh Well. Hayy.. kainis.. i can't post some pics coz there's something wrong with snap fish.. ?! see.. box na gray lang.. where's the freakin picture?! Hay. Buhay. Anyway.. i'm still looking for another place to host my pics.. hay naman kasi.. what's wrong?!

next news.

SCT elections kanina.. Kat won over Monique.. which is good yet it's sad coz i want Mon to have a position. They both deserve the position.. I mean seriously.. If only they're the ones running for president instead of GMA and FPJ. Buti pa sa school, ang hirap pumili ng boto coz the candidates deserve the postion.. But in reality?! Ang hirap pumili ng iboboto kasi you don't know who deserves the position. If Kathleen's running for president in the country.. She'll definitely get my vote. But it's still surprising why Cabading won over Tanya. Like HELLO????? For crying out loud--> Popularity strikes again. Oh well.. let's just see what she's got. At least I voted wisely.

So there. Some daily thoughts that bugs me. Nothing about me actually.. practices. practices. and projects and requirements and all that stuffs that give you migrane. ano bang problema ng school? hilig hilig nilang mag bigay ng mga gagawin.. tapos magtataka sila bakit ang daming ginagawa ng students. Eh hello???!

Good luck nalang sakin.

12 days till vacation and seriously.. ayoko ko pang mag bakasyon. yes. it's true. akala ko 3rd year was hell. but no. ang saya pala. and I LOVE MY TRIFIVE.

ok. more thoughts tomorrow. grabe?! I'm updating my blog???? Is this me?? hehe.

one last--> Drew.

heehee. laters.

PS: lam niyo ba.. pang sampung edit ko na ata to. puro mali mali mga tinatype ko. doi.

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Thursday, March 04, 2004
Wazzup Wazzup

favorite show ko na. sabi nila.. actually, si Ton lang.. sabi niya ang corny daw.. pero tawang tawa ko sa show na to. pati nga si daddy nahawa na sakin.. nanonood na din nito.. eh katawa naman talaga. and besides, i'd rather watch this than soap operas at yung star circle na gaya gaya sa starstruck at american idol. doi.

it's something new.. acutally, sabi ni daddy may ganyan na daw before.. yung "sick o'clock news" pero dati dati na.. panahon pa ata ng kopong kopong. basta.. wazzup wazzup?! with matching pag pag ng dalawang beses sa left shoulder.

AT ISA PA.. ANG GWAPO GWAPO NAMAN KASI NI DREW! sssuuuuuupppppppeeeeeerrrrrr! Drew Arellano. yes, si pareng Jay ng sunsilk.. HAY. Drew. One more reason why i watch the show. hehe. Eh hello?! ang gwapo niya talaga.. Lalo na pag tumataas yung isa niyang kilay.. feeling niya gwapo siya.. totoo naman. hehe. Hay. Drew my labs. hehe. (yung isang window ko dito nag ssearch mg Drew. hehe) tsaka kakatawa siya sa show.. laging tumataas yung kilay niya.. tas pa cute siya lagi.. hay. :) inaapi siya ni Toni at Vhong kasi kunwari tatanga tanga siya. hehe. :) omgosh!!! may pic ako ni Drew!!!! super gwapo niya.. tsaka may grad pic niya ako!!! MY GOLLY BANANA!!!! ipopost ko nga dito yun.. hmm.. :)

Hay. Drew. Drew. Drew.

O siya. mananahimik na ko.. Drew ako ng Drew. pang ilang Drew na ba to? hehe. ay wait.. may naisip akong line.

+ This girl's in love with you, Pare. +

Hehe! Titigil na ko.. baka sapakin niyo na ko. :)

Para sa mga hindi nakakaalam.. mga tiga bundok diyan. Wazzup Wazzup is on Studio 23 at 7:30pm.
wacth it. at wag niyo ng pansinin si Drew. akin na siya. HA. hehe :)

ocge.. gagawa na kong assignment. tag me. laters.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

still awake. still alive. Damn it. i swear i'm going to sleep now. told ya i'm obssessing over this freeeeaaaaaakkkkkinnggg layout. fine. fine. im disconneting.


blotted @ 10:19 PM


i changed my layout and im already obsessing over it. i can't stop fixing it. adding stuffs.

my computer's already WHACKED.

doesn't wanna copy.. paste.. open in a new window.. whacked. whacked. whacked.

i think i'm whacked too? that's just stupid.

i'm gonna crash now. laters.

blotted @ 6:29 PM