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Saturday, April 24, 2004

i just got off the phone with my tita and cousin in the states.. it's my cousin's birthday today.. Happy Birthday Otoy! hihi :) parehas nanaman kami ng age, i only get to be older than him for1 month and 28 days. and it's his second birthday in that he's not here. dang. i miss them. im telling him to vote again and again for jasmine.. but he said the lines we're soooooo busy like it never rings but you'd still get in if you keep on dialing. whoa, 20 million votes a week?!?! how much money does american idol get from that? if each call is $1 each.. $20,000,000 a week?!?! plus the sponsors and those people who bought tickets to watch the show live, plus the merchandise.. gawd. so, american idol is earning millions a week while a lot of families in places all over the world are starving and i can do the math.

why do they show Yao Ming's parent's like everytime they mention his name. his parents are both 6 ft+ tall so what do you get? a 7 ft+ Yao Ming. haha. Bummer. Lakers lost. 91-102 against the Rockets. But still they lead the series 2 games to 1. but i'm not rooting for Lakers anyway, just half-rooting for them. It'll be the Nets year! ha! Jason Kidd! and i swear if the Spurs ever win again.. i'm gonna assasinate Tim Duncan. he looks like this abnormal, im-too-shy player! i don't know why i just hate that team.. but they keep on winning.whatever. i don't like them anyway.

Nets will win. Nets will win. Nets will win....

so. my brother is sick. again. for the second time this summer. and my parent's brought him to the emergency room today, so im alone in this house coz i didnt wanna die of boredom in St. Lukes. i hope he's ok. wala kong ka-wrestling eh. Bummer. ang dami pa naman naming plans ni Ej ngayong Saturday, we we're supposed to go to greenhills and buy the new Sims Bustin Out PS2 game. We we're waiting for that for soooooooooooooooo long. finally, our Sims can get out of the house and drive. and we're supposed to watch Hellboy today. darn it. at may Go Nuts dito. kahit paubos na.

and if you read through this entire entry even if you don't care much about the Playoffs, please go out and do a nice thing for somebody.


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Wednesday, April 21, 2004
I'm not yet dead, just hibernated.

wow. it's been 9 nine days since i last posted and since i last connected to the net! haha.. i missed this place.. ooohhhh.. and i missed reading your tags and going through you blogs.. sentimental? huh?

anyway.. i've been a busy girl lately. busy and messy and well, couch potato-y. yes. i had this schedule for my tv viewing lined up in my mind. and that includes my daily dose of american idol (replays @ abc) uh-huh. i've been very obsessed lately with this show. half-thanks to Bvergs. hihi. and still, William Hung is giving me the creeps with his she bangs-she bangs. he makes me laugh, and he's a nice guys. "i have no professional training in singing" lol. but i'm rooting for Jasmine Trias and George Huff. Power to the flower! wohoo! and they're still on the top7! ok, enough.

i said busy and messy.. yep coz i just finished repainting my room.. and im really excited to move back in. i still have paint all over my hair and my clothes.

as of last night, this is how my room looks like :) i have my computer back in.. and see the balloons from my birthday?? i still have those, even if they're small and almost out of air. and gees. my old curtain. i still haven't finished sewing the new one eh.

so this is how my wall plainly looks like.. and that window!! arrghh! that was the hardest part to paint! the grids and all... ahh!! my hand was all drenched in white stinking paint that wont come off.. but it was done anyway. :)

oooohhh!! and i love this!! this is my door. duh. well, from a far the flower looks really neat.. but close up, puro lagpas at kupas yan. but still.. i love that door. :)

so how was that?! well.. i'm still not yet done make-overing my room. i still have a lot of work to do, but im excited to do it anyway.. :) heehee..

too much lifestyle network. i've been glued to that channel.



just a few messages for people. :)
Lu- ok, so i used harpy. and ok, its bad. and im sorry. but that's my way of calling you in a special way.. not that it's bad that it's harpy.. but it's nice. *wink*
Bvergs- hey!!!!!! ha. Idol craze. i love Simon. and Randy? yeah dawg. :)
Mia- ooohh. yeah. im still into teeny boppers. and i missed those movies. Drama Queen's showing on May 5t wait. heehee.
Bia- i know. i owe you.. like i said.. we'll go out. when!? tell me? you pick the movie.
Hannah Baby- Hi Hannah Baby! i miss you too..
Jovy- oi, pumunta ka pala dito, salamat sa link.

ok that's it..

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Monday, April 12, 2004
Home Away from Home

im back but im not feeling all yay-!-im-back. im kinda missing the province. well, not kinda, im really missing that place. i miss my cousins and my uncles and everybody else. i miss everything about it. if only there's a bullet train from manila to nueva ecija, i'd be glad to live there. but snap. whenever im there, im always, and i mean ALWAYS the last person to wake up. there was never a day that im the second to last or third to last.. always the LAST. hihi. they all wake up early even if we sleep late, even my 3 year old cousin wakes up earlier than i am. so, i always miss breakfast with them, im the only one eating breakfast at 9 in the morning. but whenever my grandparents are there (coz they're in states), haha.. i have no choice but to wake up early.. they would be waking me up. hay. obviously, i miss that place too much. i mean, even if the cable's missing a few channels and there's no internet and when its 7pm it feels like 11pm already.. i still love that place.
more than i know, actually. oh snap again.

and i can't wait for may. coz my grandparents and titas and titos are coming home from states. but my 2 cousins, whom i miss the most coz we grew up together aren't coming home coz of legal issues. haha. but i really miss them a lot.. i just talked to them on the phone last week and we didnt want to hang up, but until the long distance card got used up it went toot-toot-toot. my tito rene's getting married on the june 12, yeah. independence day.. gah. oh anyway.

ej is really really sick. like he's hitting 40. so nobody's playing playstation right now. too bad for him.


Jessica, Nick and Katie Brown

i really got hooked up with The Newlyweds. i don't even care if it's like months and months late but i just love that show. hihi. Nick is so sweet with Jessica. And Jessica? i just like her.. she's funny.. there's just something about the both of them. gah. love that show.

oh.. and Katie Brown.. heehee.. i so wanna do the things that she does! how does she come up with that?! oh, and i'm also hooked up with that show.

The Newlyweds @ MTV; Mondays 1pm, Fridays 10pm
Katie Brown @ Lifestyle Network; Mondays 12nn, Thursday 8:30pm

couch potato. im eating mangoes, we have like a sack of it! and this is my 2nd mango of the day..


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Wednesday, April 07, 2004
Emptying Half My Room

ej (my brother) finally has his own room and i have my room all for myself. he moved out last week, and he can finally use his room for the first time. ironic? long story. so we're re painting our rooms since we have our own rooms now.. we'll actually we're painting it for the first time after 10 years that we have lived here. how in the world did i survive in this white room for 10 years?! oh everything's gonna change now and i can't wait. my brother's done painting his room, and we're teasing his room as a "beauty saloon", and i didn't start that.. they did (ej and my cousin). hihi. his room is green, i like the green though it's like the hey ya video. then a little of blue and purple on the sides, his door is purple though. told ya, parlor. as for me? i haven't started painting, i haven't even bought my paint yet.. guess what color im painting it?! duh. no brainer. but dad saidwe'll buy my paint on sunday. ooohhh.. and i've got this great plan for my room.. i actually made this sort of blueprint or whatever you call it, a design or something on paint on what im planning on my room.. it turned out really great and even my parent's thought it was nice.. so let's just see what's gonna happen with my room.. i'll start on monday. as for now, i just started cleaning up my room.. and emptying it. yah. it's like i turned my room upside down and threw like half of it. at least i have a lot to give to my baby cousins, my old toys and stuffs.. and books. haha. talk about charity. my room is half empty right now. the other half? trash. i like filled up at least 2 garbage bags of old craps. oh anyway.. im almost done.. :) gawd im tired. yet excited. can't wait to see how this room will turn out.

tomorrow i'll be leaving. im going to our province. yay! i should have been there since last weekend but since my dad got sick the night of his birthday, he can't drive so we stayed till today. can't wait to get out of here.. im sick of manila already. but ill be back by saturday or sunday. (and mark's leaving for hong kong tomorrow morning too.. he'll be back by sunday- how in the world did i know?? secret. haha.)

have to pack up.


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Sunday, April 04, 2004
California Maki, The Passion and Bright Light

Again.. belated Happy Birthday Daddy!

he turned.. hmm.. 42 last April 1. and everytime my dad would get easily mad.. we would tease him as having a "midlife crisis" but then again.. he really do get have that. haha. we would say "may disorder si daddy kaya ganyan". :) lol.

we ate at Dad's. yes, nag piesta ang mga bulate sa tiyan ko sa dami ng kinain ko. we went there at 11:30 am for lunch. guess what time we left?! 1:30. yep. dalawang oras naming ni raid ang buffet table ng Dad's. california maki. tempura. angus beef. paella. yummy. pati ice cream at blueberry cheesecake one-to-sawa. i hardly drank water kasi mabubusog ako agad. at pag nabusog na nga.. pahinga muna, lakad lakad tas chibog uli.
ooooooohhhhhhh.... yummy.

then we watched The Passion of The Christ. The movie is just totally (how will i say it) totally life changing. unbelievably awesome. it was such a great movie and i have to say that you have to see the movie, it'll change you. it made me. at least i would always remember how Jesus saved us, and what he has to go through.. i don't need to tell the story anyway, it's the greatest story ever told. hands down to mel gibson and jim caviezel-> he's my favorite at the moment, hehe. ;) he was so good! and i like John, he's my favorite apostle. hehe. the movie made me cry like.. cry and cry and cry and cry.. and everytime they would Jesus, my tears just kept on falling and falling and i would be sobbing and sobbing.. besides, who wouldn't?!

"love one another, as i have loved you.. so love one another" -Jesus

ohhhh.. ang liwanag sa room ko kasi bago na yung bumbilya, hehe.. anyway, i just watched Sweet Home Alabama. hay. made me cry. what is it with me crying over movies?! hay. can you blame me, i was touched. mababaw lang naman luha ko. yes! may replay tomorrow.. and buying a dvd of that. Cheaper by The Dozen made me cry too.. gosh, there's a lot of dvds here, went pirated dvd shopping. haha. lots of movies for the rest of the week or so.. hehe.

ooohh.. and before the clock strikes twelve.. just for the record. today is




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