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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

finally finally i'm finished with my analization paper of About Schmidt! Im free!! i'm so free.. well, almost.. i just have to put names on my notebook (yes, they don't have names yet) and cover it.. then i'm totally free..

spider man's but i'm not yet watching it till this weekend. haha. but im excited though.
anyway, imma go take a bath then im watching A Walk To Remember again. i forgot how many times i saw that already.. i lost count. hehe. oh, and im popping popcorn.

gee, i wonder if i'm gonna cry again. haha. i guess not. but the first 7 times i saw the movie, i kept crying all over again. exagg!


you guys have to buy Southborder Episode III. im not biased. but really it's great. especially to those who like RnB. Wherever U Are and Best That I Can are just tear jerkers. :)


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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Rants and Raves

1. i'm Sooooooooooo... (and the o's goes on and on) tired. as in, really. hayy. im stressed, stretched and overused. my energy level is like this - long. i thought 4th year was easy, it's not, it's HECTIC. hay grabe na itech. i haven't watched Smallville and Buffy and One Tree Hill and The O.C. ever since school started. WAAAHHH!!! i miss those shows!!!!! im super tired.

2. WALANG PASOK FOR 3 FREAKIN' DAYS!!! yipee!!! ok, so may saturday class but still.. 4 1/2 straight free days (include the weekend, the 1/2 is for the saturday review) hay. finally. some rest.

3. i'm so lazy to do this analization paper what-so-ever for elective class. 4 pages?! are you serious. i'll bargain for 3. 4 is just too much. oh well. wala kong magagawa. help me God.

4. i passed!!! i passed!!! DT na ko uli! yippee!! ok, wrestling time again with dance practices = more stress.

5. i think i can handle this. it's just highschool. is it just highschool? whatever. i'm just happy to be in highschool, im not yet quite ready for the real world. gives me the creeps.

6. no classes means DVD! imma watch A Walk To Remembe again for the nth time.

7. Hero's on MMK on thursday! don't wanna miss that.

8. Spider Man 2 tomorrow! can't wait to see it.

9. i'm loving Bamboo right now. the band, yes. and Bamboo himself. i kinda like their music.. so nice. it's got this, i dunno.. not so rocky yet cool music. i dunno. hard to explain. it's just that their music just got me into them. you guys.. check 'em out. they're great. (i have a link in this side--->)

10. and not to forget.. Southborder, of course. still spinning. and making my brown hand smash.

11. too much rants and raves. can't think of anything more.

12. laters.

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

ok. right now im typing a post in my blog, finishing my journal thing for ethics, searching for superman images and chatting on ym.

total multitasking. haha.

im so freaking exhausted!! and my brother just made me a cold hot chocolate. haha, go figure. GRRRRRR!!! school nanaman bukas. im so freaking tired!!! wala na kong pahinga.. but then, sbi nga ni Ms. Hernandez, it's when you're doing something that makes you feel happy. so i'd rather be doing something than nothing.


im getting into this superman thing.. and it all started with smallville, and now im thinking of starting to buy superman stuffs.. is that boyish? it's not naman eh. i just really like the superman logo.. not the movies exactly but the superman image and smallville most especially. gee, i wonder what tom welling looks like in tights? ssssss. hot. haha.

ok, im keeping this post short. at least im posting na noh!!!

can't wait for spider man!!!! he's my favorite marvel hero!!! haha. puro superhero naman ngayon.. (?!) :) oh well. next week na. yippeee!!!!!!!!!!! pero pinaka hero ko si Hero Angeles. haha! corny. nah, si Joross. no wait, si Hero pala.. ewan, silang dalawa. at si Mark. shoooot! i saw Joross yesterday sa Dish.. nadaan lang siya, grabe na starstruck ako! AS IN! kahiya, i was staring at him, kasi nakasilip lang siya sa window ng Dish, nasa loob siya ng Abs Cbn, tapos he was there, eh nakaharap ako sa window so ako lang nakakita sa kanya, and i was STARING. tas nakatingin na din siya. grabe, hindi ako nakagalaw, super nakatitig ako thinking shet si Joross ano gagawin ko asan ang camera shet si Joross grabe. tas, nung natauhan ako, nag kakandarapa kong tawagin si Kayette.. pero nawala na din si Joross. shoot. next time magkikita tayo uli. ang lakas ng dating niya. as in. hot.

ok, gotta do some more stuffs.

grab a copy of SOUTHBORDER's EPISODE III please????????? P280 lang, and it's worth every cent. i swear, you'll love it. especially USAHAY. :)

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Monday, June 21, 2004
im so freaking lazy to update na freaking blog. for crying out loud. haha. first week of classes and it's freaking hell already. yeah, school's back, hello stress tabs. haha. freakin' teachers. i hate our world lit teacher. ever.. mono freak. envoi. save myself oh lord. haha. sir bau. arte mag salita! maRRRami. huh? conyo? harhar. nag pa shower pa. lagi pang nakasandal sa table.. ayan. nagccrack tuloy. hayyy... wala na kong maisip.

im brain dead.



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Monday, June 07, 2004
Look who's rocking now

haha. i took the liberty to post these pics. from mugglenet of course. haha.

imagine Harry playing the guitar. Nah. Dan looks more like it. haha. he digs the strokes, chilli peppers and audioslave (?!). i'm surprised. hehe. he's such a rocker :)

c'mon.. he plays the bass guitar?! what more can you ask for?! i know Luu, hot. haha ;)

if you guys wanna read the article, go to mugglenet just scroll down the news and look for "Dan featured in NME". yah.. he's one big rocker. i don't even know who The Libetines are?! oh yah, English punk rock music. right. ;) oh, he hates pop music by the way. i mean, he really hates it. oh, and Dan even said "I think there should be a fine for every pop music they sell. That's the only thing I'm gonna do if i become Prime Minister" ha! you're never going back to TRL for that now Dan. lol :) hahaha.

I need Madam Pompfrey

Everyone's going nuts about Harry Potter. I mean, really. as in going CRAZY. it's Potter madness once again. and im part of it.

im sick. im so sick right now.. i got coughs and colds and it's really making me feel really bad. i can't sleep at night coz i keep on waking up and coughing and i can't breath! gee. i can't even eat my chocolates?! i wish i was attacked by dementors, then i would be able to eat chocolates. Is this punishment for driving without a licensed driver in the front seat?! Ooops sorry, wrong dialougue. haha. again.. Is this punishment for eating too much chocolates?! Oh well.. this is will pass.. but in the meantime, i really want this to go away so badly.

take me to the hospital wing. please.

yesterday, i watched PoA (Prisoner of Azkaban) again with my parents.. and I loved it (again) the second time around. I kept spotting nitpicks (read: movie errors) haha.. ;) and the girls behind me we're making comments everytime and it didn't bother me at all coz i agree with them.. i can tell, they're big fans too. i've been reading a lot of movie reviews lately, haha. how weird can i get? i've come to the conclusion that if you have not yet read the book then watched the film, what you will only understand is what you saw based on the film. as in, only that. but you will have questions left unanswered like, how did Sirius Black escape? how did Lupin knew that the parchment was a map?basically, for those who did not read the book, they don't know much as much as we do. coz in the movie they did not expalin much about Padfoot, Moony, Prongs and Wormtail, the real issue between Black and Pettigrew and all that stuff. but if you read the book and watched the movie, you will be left with you mouth wide open. ha. it's like your imaginations in front of you. but, admit it, you thought the movie was sooooo incomplete. it missed a lot of scenes that you wanted to see.. nevertheless, you loved every bit of the movie. but there will still be questions and confusions, especially that Time Turner thing. ha. made my mind boggled. oh anyway.

kasi naman eh, may sakit na na nga alis alis pa ng bahay. can you blame me? its Harry Potter eh. It's the only movie that i watch on the opening day and it's the only movie i watch more than once on the big screen and it's the only movie that i buy the original dvd. haha. i love it.

seriously Ron, what's up with the hair?! haha. this hippogriff scene was so funny and ok, Ron and Hermione? awww..

how lucky can she get?! ha. first you embrace Rupert, now Dan's embracing you.. for the second time?!

Take the Trifive_PooPoo test!

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Friday, June 04, 2004
Hogwart's back in session.



bloody brilliant.

we got tickets like, 3 days before the opening day. HA. we're so excited and brilliant at the same time. lol. i wanted to watch at greenbelt 3 coz (take note) i haven't seen a movie in greenbelt 3.. ever. haha. oh well. Greenbelt was full already, damn, reservation quota reached. and G4 was also booked by the time i checked.. so at 11am, i called powerplants cinemas already.. yey. tickets. :) so on the day itself people we're lining up and buying tickets trying to catch the show..and we got in just that. haha.. WE GOT TICKETS :) lol.. as if it's such a big deal. well it is for me. haha. grabe.. we were gagging through the trailers. ang exciting eh! finally.. my favorite book in the HP series in the big screen. btw, i noticed.. book 3's everybody's favorite too.. i thought it'smostly book4. just thinking aloud. back to the movie. omgosh.. it's starting.. and we were.. shrieking? what's the right word? gagging? raving? (where do i get those words anyway?! who invented them?! anyway.. we were the noisiest bunch in the room. Me, Mar, Ayesa. see? told ya.and my brother was with us. haha. grabe. Daniel as in Harry.. so grown up! so.. hot. A RARR. and Draco? another A RARR.. and Rupert as in Ron... HAIR???? but we got used to it.. he's not that much of a cutie but he's got that sense of humor that we just love. really great acting. if only Oliver Wood was there.. a million A RARR.

dementors. ahhh. that seen in the Hogwart's train was so freaky, not totally scary but really freakkkkyyy.. the dementors? so freaky. lagi akong nagugulat sa mga yun.. bigla nalang sumusulpot.. and the hands.. ahhh! freaky.. the way they suck.. super freaky. and the Knight Bus was so cool! who's that talking head figure anyway?! i love it when Harry slams on the window. haha.. just cute. but i hate the fact that they played the Knight Bus for sooooooo long. I didn't care how it worked in between two buses and old grannys anyway.. they could have made another seen from the book than the crossing granny. and LESS QUIDDITCH!!!!! AARRRRGGGHHH!!! i love quidditch and it was just played for like 5 minutes?! and just ONE quidditch game?! there was 3 in the book.. and i wanted to see the game where Draco got hit with a patronus or maybe Cho Chang.. but that's ok.. at least they didnt cut out the whole quidditch. and those dementors talaga. actually.. i didn't really know that dementors can fly that high until i saw the trailers.. and the flying Buckbeak with Harry scene was so not needed.. but the scene with Hermione and Ron. ha. that was AWWWWW. and the scene after beheading Buckbeak when Hermione was crying and
embracing Ron and Harry was putting his arms around Hermione.. AWWW. You lucky girl. Sheesh. ok, im getting carried away with my thoughts again, sorry. omgosh! that scene with the boggart was soooooo cool! made me wanna try.. let's see.. RIDDIKULUS! haha. this is actually the funniest HP movie of all. really.. the funniest. and the time turner was so.. mind boggling. and Black! omgosh.. my fave character.. Black was there! duh. haha.. that shrieking shack. everything. i wanna see the movie again.. maybe this weekend again or next week or the day after or.. basta. i'll see it again. the Marauder's map was sooooo exciting. i love it, i wanna have one. the editing was really great.. but still the book's so much better than the film. the movie was incomplete.. but i didn't expect anything so it was ok.. it was great, really.. the important elements were there and all that.. basta.. just bloody brilliant. the ending was really funny.. i mean, Harry's face was funny. haha.. and it's not bitin.. it's just that, you wanna see more from the book, coz i told you,it was incomplete, a lot of missing scenes so after the movie, you wanna see more.. this is turning out to be a really long post. so im cutting it short.. but i've got more stored in my mind. so LU, if you're reading this.. i swear, when i see you kung kelan man yun.. sa school or whatever.. there's so much to talk about. especially that time turner thing. haha.

this is the end of the post. yey for you. :)


I got PHUNKed

omgosh. omgosh. omgosh. omgosh. and i can be this way until.. forever. omgosh. i missing B.E.P right now. awww.. san na kaya sila?! hay.. BEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok, ok. wait.. ok.. may 29, 2004. one of the best days of my concert life. it tops the list. weeks before, i have like a 48% chance of watching the concert and the precentage goes lower and lower as the days comes near.. you know, with my relatives from the states coming here and all, it just mixed up the schedule and i'm staying in the province and my dad doesn't want me and ej to go.. and that stuff.. get the picture? so there. i was hopeless and desperate. i was already thinking that if i wouldn't be able to watch the concert. i'd die of regret. period.

so it's already may 29 and i'm in the province.. but luckily, we're going back to manila. so there's like a 50% chance now.. or maybe 51% hehe. the thing is, i still don't have tickets and thankfully my mom's sticking by my side. so anyway.. i was already crying coz it was like 8pm already and my dad said.. no. ayaw niya kaming ihatid a CCP. ok, i was crying at maglalayas na talaga ko at pupuntang ccp. but my mom asked my tito if he can bring us there at sa scalpers nalang kami bibili. yey! i was scared nga lang baka walang good seats ang tickets ng scalpers at baka ma-fake pa kami. so we got there at naka pila na ko sa ticket booth.. i wanted the premiere seats badly (seats behind the vip section) goodie may nag offer na scalpers.. at good price pa at kilala pa ng cousin ko yung scalper.. so we got in.. we paid only after we got in.

fast forward... CONCERT TIME!!!!!!!!!

do i have to type the whole concert blow by blow?! gee.. it'll me a lifetime writing it down. there's just so many stuff that happened.. basta, here's how to sum up the concert: if you're ain't there then you're ain't nowhere. (Randy Jackson's words. :) ) it's the best concert EVER. it's so casual. more like full of music and dancing, no glits and glamour. no pyros and special effects. just the crowd, the band, the lights, the stage, the elephunk music and the black eyed peas. yah. can you imagine it now?! that's how WOW it is. they sang like 10 songs from their album, and 2 from their old album and a lot of freestyling (freestyling- it's a showdown of on the spot rapping) and breakdancing. well, only tabo0, will and apl can freestyle so what did fergie do? scat. (scatting-
remember scat girl from american idol? like that) but fergie was sooooo good at that. she has a really great voice.. and she can't breakdance so she just danced.. in a really hip hop way. she's also good at that. THEY'RE GOOD AT EVERYTHING! there was never a dull moment.. and will is like super funny!!! there was this time, after "Let's Get Retarded", the sound system went blah. stuttering then completely gone. and Will said, "ok can you hear me?" and he was stuttering.. but the crowd said yes.. and he said "ok, let's do this in sign language" and he did funny signs and all that and the crowd went laughing and playing charades with Will. :)! so there was like a 10 or 15 or 20 minute blackout moment coz they were fixing the sounds.. then apl started chanting, but we can't see him.. "sabi ko sayo babalik ako, sabi ko sayo babalik ako.." then out of nowhere will said "babalik kayo!" haha. it's his favorite words. babalik kayo. Will just shouts "babalik sayo or babalik kayo" whenever he feels like it.. and we would just laugh. coz it's funny! ok?! haha. Will.I.Am's my hero. haha. he's so good at freestyling! super!!! and apl too.. well, apl's the man of the night, everytime he sings, the crowd just goes wild and besides, he sooo good.. and we're so proud of him. even if he's this big shot black eyed peas member and so popular around the world.. he never forgot about his roots, he's proud of being a filipino. think about that. so anyway.. he even asked his mother to come up on stage, and she was crying. so touching. apl thanked his mom, and told her that she made the right decision on letting him be adopted. it was so touching.. they hugged for soooo long.. and he even thanked will for bringing him where he is now.. and more really touching speeches. Taboo even said "remember guys, 2014.. Allen Pineda for president!" then everyone shouted. he's got my vote, that's for sure. anyway. Taboo's right, he said that because of Apl, he realized that he should be proud of being a mexican and even if you came from a 3rd world country. taboo said that he realized just now how much impact Apl brought to the Philippines. and i agree. being part of a really popular group and as Will puts it, the no1 group in the whole world! he never ever ever forgot his roots.. and he's even proud of it. go ponder on that. Im crushing on apl right now.. his talents and his heart. wow. he changed me that's for sure.. that's his impact on me. they're such a great band.

hands down.

XS: they said, hey might come back on august, they're already working on that and their new "Monkey Business" (i think) is coming out later this year.. and you guys have to have "Elephunk"

oh oh.. here's tips if you're planning to watch a concert.. it's actually ok to buy from scalpers coz they sell their tickets lower than the real price, i think it's because those tickets are complimentary or they get it for free that's why.. but do check the price. also, there's never a sold out in the Philippines, trust me. on the concert day itself, they still sell tickets coz you know, there are a lot of impulsive concert watchers out there. take it from me, there's always a ticket booth. the only disadvantage is that if you're planning to buy front rows or front sections, there's hardly an available front sections/vip tickets from scalpers, so you really have to buy days or weeks before hand. but there's an available second sections, you just have to look. and again, there's always a ticket booth, but i can't assure you if they sell tickets of all sections. like in mandy's concert, the other sections are sold out. so check. and when you buy from scalpers, to assure that you didn't buy a fake ticket, ask someone to who's not gonna go watch the show to hold your money and be with the scalper while you get in the concert. after you got in, that's the time you pay the scalper. there. just some tips.

britney spears might have a concert in october. ayesa said.. yey.

and if you reached this part.. im really sorry for that long post. i got carried away.. and thanks for reading.. really. it's touching. take it from Will's words:

babalik sayo. ;)

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