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Friday, July 16, 2004

im tired.  because of school.
im pressured. those UPCAT and ACET.
im really sad. my heart just split.
gawd im so stupid.
i swear im not gonna fall for "it" anymore.
im smiling. but that's fake. 

few messages.
Lu- im updating it now. gawd. i am so stupid, now im so depressed. is this what it feels like?
Course not - who are you??
Lhira - ok, ill try to email it to you.
Jobelle - hi bestfriend for today. :)

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Thursday, July 01, 2004
Caught in Spidey's Web

i said i was gonna watch it this weekend. ha. but i couldn't help it. i just had to watch it the first day, it was my dad's idea anyway so, yeah! and why am i not surprised to see the movie house jampacked with people?! i was wearing red and blue. i'm watching spider-man, i had to wear red and blue. haha. lol.

just a note: minor spoilers ahead.

Spider-Man 2 is now officially part of my-favorite-movie-of-all-time list, and topping the
category of movie comic heros, it just made Spider-Man 1 my no. 2. haha. I've got expectations about the movie, but i got more than what i expected. It was UNBELIEVABLE. you can hold your pee until the end of the movie coz you really can't take your eyes off the screen. haha. and other people were actually screaming coz of the intense, ok, i wasn't screaming but i was slapping my brother's leg everytime those ever-so-intense scenes were up. and my mom's mouth was always wide open. Aaaaahhhhh.

the whole story was just so good. it wasn't the spidey-fights-villain-wins-gets-the-girl. it was sort of that but not. labo, basta.. you just have to see it. The fight scenes were just so awesome, even if you know that it's CGI (computer generated image, i think that's what it means) you just don't really care about that anymore, (what, like you expect Tobey Mguire to be web slinging from building to building?). the train scene was so cool. ok, i'm not gonna give away what "unexpectedly" happen in that scene, coz yeah, i was shocked to.. like, wait a minute?! where's the? so he? everyone? haha. go see. that was super intense, i slapping my brother so hard that he didn't care coz it's like we're in the movie.. haha. exagg but true. our faces were squished-looking. the movie was a little predictable, like you know what MIGHT happen or you have an idea what MIGHT happen
but you just don't know HOW it's gonna happen, and that's the best thing about it.. the-how-it'll happen is just exciting. haha, aren't you getting all giddy just hearing this already? like we all expected after the first film that his best friend was gonna be the villain.. he's not. but it's gonna be quite close to that. here's the thing. the movie just gave away what's going to happen of the third film. and it's gonna be sooooooooooo exciting, since he knows and she knows. but that face of MJ at the end of the film just caught me hanging.. so what's that suppose to mean? is she worried like i think she is or something else? SOMEBODY TELL ME! anyway, the love story was good as the first one, it's makes you go why can't they just be together?! after fighting the villain, well.. he's not really the villain, it's the metal arms.. you're just so intrigued with Peter and Mary Jane.. oh and did i mention, Tobey was hot. yes he is.

i didn't even feel it was a two-hour movie. everything you wanted to happen, it's all there.. squished in two hours. it's not hanging, maybe a little but the story ends and that's Spider-Man 2 but you look forward to Spider-Man 3 because of the ending. i wanna see it again.. and i'm gonna wait for the trilogy dvd to come out. and that'll be in hmm.. 2 years? well. it's definetely going to be a multi-million-dollars box office hit. my prediction: $120+ million on the opening weekend. so, it's another 2 years of waiting....

spider man, spider man, our friendly neighbor spider man... and Tobey's face goes huh?


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