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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

i want you guys to meet the love of my life. :)

such a cutie. blushing... heart melting.... heart melting.....

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ok, so i tried tabulas. but i simply CANNOT do it. so after hours of frustration.. btw, thanks eka, but i just can't do it.. i finally decided this:

im staying right here.

it's hard to maintain this blog, i don't think i can maintain another one.

yah, i do sound frustrated.

i wanna buy a skirt right now.

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damn this. my computer is completely BROKEN. trash. gibberish. WASTE. i can't use the internet at home.. the only program i use is the applications and thankgod the games and cd player.

we don't have money to buy a new so i'm just praying.. hoping.. wishing..
show me a miracle please.

anyway. so no new templates muna, no moving to tabulas, no surfing till wee hours.. nope. nothing. the only time i can do this is if i'm in my dad's office, which hardly happens since i'm doin a lot of school works.



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Thursday, August 12, 2004

yep. O.C. my current obsession. well, yeah.. Queer Eye. but c'mon. It's the OC.

can't wait for tuesday nights.

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Saturday, August 07, 2004
19 hours before UPCAT

so, this is it huh? the day i've been dreading fo rmy whole life is finally 19 hours away. niiice. but it's not scaring me na. i mean, i have to face it. sheesh.
i need all the help i can get. i know i can do it.

so anyway.. everthing's here na. my notebooks: bio, gen sci, chem at stat. mga hand outs from experts and excercises from experts. i have my pencilS ready. my 9 mongol #2 pencils are all sharpened and pointy. i'll be starting my torture (read: mag aaral na ko) in about a few minutes from now.

i'll buy packs of M&Ms later, redbull at sharpener. then i'll watch One Tree Hill and Queer Eye before i take the most nerve wrecking sleep of my entire history.

yup, that's about all the things i'm laid out to do today.

let's just wait and see what happens tomorrow. ooohh. don't like the sound of that.

Dear Jesus
I am going to take my UPCAT tomorrow, you know how important my studies are to me. And so, I humbly come before you to ask for your gracious help and divine assistance. I pray to you, my dear Jesus, please not let me panice or get nervous. Let me not rely on guesswork or luck. Enlighten my mind and help me think clearly. Never let me resort to cheating and other dishonest practices. Help me do my utmost to pass my examinations. I pray for your guidance that: I may give the right solutions, solve even the most difficult problems, and answer all questions correctly. I ask, O Lord, for your intercession that i may be neither careless nor overconfident. Help me concentrate and keep me from getting distracted. Let me not rush, but help me finish on time. Confident of your help, I will be at ease, I will be able to do my best. O my Jesus, without your help I can do nothing. With your help, I can do everything well and get the best results. Please be with me today as i take the UPCAt.


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Friday, August 06, 2004
2 days before UPCAT

fine. exams are over. buti pa ang mga bata nageenjoy ng weekend. kaming mga seniors, or at least, most of us.. upcat. grabe. the greatest leap of my life is in two days. 2 FREAKIN DAYS.

pagkatapos talaga ng upcat magpaparty ako. shopping to death. kahit walang pera. labo, pano ko gagawin yun?

ok.. almost scq time. hero na.

blotted @ 5:09 PM