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Thursday, September 30, 2004
I can now OFFICIALLY drive

i got my driver's liscence already!!!!! weee!!!! omgosh. i'm super super happy. but the problem is, dad won't let me drive alone. but it'll pass.. eventually i will. but i don't have to worry bout driver's liscence.. coz officially got one.


ok, have to do this friggin lab report.


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Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Britney's Married.

yep. just something i dished out this weekend. yup, she's married and (hmm luckily or unluckily?) it's not Justin. It's you-know, Kevin Federline. THE GUY IS HOT. The ceremony was last Saturday, September 18. So, now.. Britney's an instant mom to Moesha, Kevin's 2 years-old daughter. oh well. she's happily married now. finally, a real marriage. haha. remember her drunken Vegas wedding? rar.

so that's the couple. anyway.. if you're in any way interested to this stuff, which i don't think you are.. haha. some links, incase you didn't believe me. haha.

ET news
MTV news

ohh... and this one's a cool one: THE WEDDING PICTURES.


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Monday, September 20, 2004

omgosh. finally. ACET's done! bye bye Ateneo. Please Lord i really really wanna pass Ateneo. omgosh. gives me the shivers.

anyway. The Show was super awesome. duh? what do you get from a mix of Jay Durias' genius music mind plus Duncan's falsetto voice and his break dancing and Vince's ultra suave voice and plus Ric's saxs, Tata's bass, Butch's electric guitar and Paul's rockin drums?

can you say W-O-W ?!

yeah. be posting pics soon.. im too lazy to upload and type a long post.


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Monday, September 13, 2004
it's raining, it's pouring, snorrrriiiiinnnngggg...zzzz...

sarap matulog.. super nakakatmad gumawa ng kahit ano ngayon. i just wanna drink some hot chocolate, snuggle my pillows and watch queer eye tonight. sarap.

well, i'm a sucker for pictures. my weekend in print:

ooohhh. had my grad pic taken. that was the whole "photoshoot" thing. haha.

how good was i, really? i had my make up done at Body Shop... for free. now that's good. i don't even know what kind of trait this is. sheer talent.

here's the gang. afaf + paspasan = one happy birthday celebratiion for dear cyl.
happy birthday cyl! the flowers was something huh? :)

i so love my make up and my new hair cut. haha. ooohh. and i so love the hipong binabad sa taba ng talangka, sisig at beef spare ribs. YUM.

ang tapang ko. i had my hair cut hours BEFORE my grad pic taken. haha. it turned out great. gag on my vainess ( right aggie :) ) at snapshots on the sidebar --------->

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Thursday, September 09, 2004

well. weekend's here and i'm fully booked. haha :) doesn't happen all the time, but hey.. i'm enjoying this one. lol. what the hell am i talking about?!

tomorrow i'll be having a photo shoot. GAG. haha. just a grad pic taking. and i'm gonna have my hair done and make up and all that glam.

then after that i might go shopping with Mon. well, alam mo na.. pag dating sa shopping at budget, ako na yun. hehe :) hay nako, ayoko na ngang lumabas eh at mapapagastos nanaman ako! manliliit nanaman wallet ko niyan. pero anyway, bahala na.

after that... i dunno. bahala na kung san ako mapapadpad. then on Sunday, i'm just gonna stay home and watch DVDs. binilan na ko ni mommy ng Troy! kaya finally makakapanood na ko. hahaha.

here's some pics i haven't posted yet. uplifting the seniors spirit. :)


jumbo seniors.. kaya niyo ba to?!


i painted that superman.. tapos ginaya na ng iba. rar.


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Friday, September 03, 2004
jumbo SENIORS kaya niyo ba to! kaya niyo ba to! kaya niyo ba to!(2x) hindi kami bato para magpatalo!

haha. Congrats SENIORS! ang galing galing. grabe. nakaka hype masyado ang mga pangyayari kahapon. i got so drained after it. wala na kong energy! ubos na! haha.

go DT! ang galing naman n Sa Iyo, In or Out at Sumusunod. Basta buong DT from freshmen to juniors... alam ko purgang purga na kayo sa kakasayaw.. pero galing niyo pa din. haha. pati Noli play.. wahh! vicky napaiyak mo ko. haha.

yesterday was totally rad. ang saya.. the seniors made my day. haha. saya ng linggo ng wika.. pati laro ng lahi. bakit kaya?! Kasi ang galing ng SENIORS! hehe.

hayy.. im really really tired. pota hilong hilo na ko ngayon. i need some rest. im not ready for tomorrow pa. hay.. i'll be posting some pics nung laro ng lahi.. kaso kasi i haven't uploaded it pa. anyhoo. sa susunod nalang.

imma watch Lea Salonga's play this sunday!!! wopee. can't wait. :)


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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

im at school right now, with jobelle.. nag iinternet din sa tabi ko. hehe. sinusulit lang ang libreng internet sa school. :)

feed your apetite: crap haha.

lookie AFAF!

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