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Thursday, December 23, 2004

it's around 31 hours till christmas.. excitements till we open our presents, cravings till we eat our noche buena and more smiles to get our blood pumpin till that time of the year!

i won't be able to post on THE DAY itself so here's that big smile for all of you!

tis the season to be jolly.. and before i get all mushy and cuddly due to the oh-so-lovely-season.. i'm wishing that may you get that wish you that you have been whispering to santa. :)

have a jingle-bell-rockin christmas everyone! a MERRY CHRISTMAS to YOU and your FAMILY! :)

go out and give LOOOOOOVVVEEEEE on christmas day! *cheeeeeeeeeers!*

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Pre-Chrismukkah Wild Goose Chase

just when i thought my christmas is getting better.. it went even crazier! haha. here is a story worth sharing, warning: mahihilo kayo sa kwento ko.

last monday, (december 20) i accompanied my bro to the dentist coz he's getting braces! haha. poor him, no more bubble gum. anyway. after that, we will be going on our little christmas shopping for our parents.

i called powerbooks of every branch trying to look for the South Beach Diet book for my mom. they all didn't have the paperback. damn. so. here is the wild goose chase of our christmas shopping hunt.

from my mom's office, we went to ROCKWELL (mrt guadalupe station then jeepney ride to rockwell), Gawd, i was crossing my fingers.. and yes! they had the book at Fully Booked! woopee! then we had lunch there, went around for a few minutes then left for GLORIETTA. in glorietta, i bought an Acca Kappa perfume for tito jun, who always gave me concert tix and discovery suites discounts. then went around browsing for prices for stuff im needing for my debut invitation. then we went to GREENBELT for powerbooks. my bro and i are looking for Deception Point or Digital Fortress for my dad. They didn't have it!! rar! so passing LANDMARK, we went round glorietta looking for a copy.. none. so we went to SHANG (another mrt ride from ayala) Still, shang national bookstore didn't have it. So we went to MEGAMALL. National didn't have it. Powerbooks saved our lives, they have it! yey. after that, we went to PODIUM coz we are going to DISCOVERY SUITES to give tito jun the gift and start fixin my debut. geez, sabi ni tito jun pakainin daw kami. ok, so we went to the cafe but we didnt expect that they are actually serving us like pasta and big sandwiches, fries and salad?!?! geez. that was a whole lotta food, luckily we didnt eat snacks. anyway, we went to PODIUM after that, and while my bro is in the washroom, i sneaked out to buy him a present at toy kingdom, luckily he didnt see me. haha. after that, we went home.. our stomachs fed up and just completely tired.

that's 7 malls. 1 hotel. 2 jeepney rides. 4 mrt rides.

now that's something.

4 days before chrismukkah! hang in there!!

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Sunday, December 19, 2004
My Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't What I Thought It Would Be.

i just had to put a long title huh? Well, just an FYI, Chrismukkah means Christmas (OC lingo) and the first 5 words is the title of the OCs chrismukkha episode, except i changed the The to My. ok, enough of that, lets get it on with the story.. another you-dont-care-story bout my life. har. har.

Ive been complaining for the past few weeks that I just couldnt feel the Christmas spirit. I just couldnt! Like its just those normal days where in youve got nothing to look forward to except The OCs next episode. Yah, go ahead and put those lights all around town, but it still doesn’t do something. Im just relieved to know that I wasn’t the only one complaining.. my friends are too.

Early December, I knew this Christmas was going to be on the last last last last last number of my Best Christmas List. First is because my dad has his leg in a cast. My mom doesnt feel like driving so they wanted to spend the Christmas in Manila. First of all: Ive never spent a Christmas in out house here.. its always been in the province with my cousins. Its tradition. And they wanna break it? Heres an advice Id like to share to all of you: NEVER BE THE FIRST ONE TO BREAK FAMILY TRADITIONS. If that already sucked.. well schools adding fuel to the fire. They just really had to push through the exams even though we practically learned like, 10% of what we are supposed to learn on the 3rd quarter. The school homeworks, projects.. all that gibberish.. killed the Christmas spirit. Then theres this bankruptcy issue. I dont have money to spend for my Christmas shopping. Where did it all go anyway? And even though I have like a bit for that, I didnt have the time to go Christmas shopping anyway. What the heck. Then theres Yoyong who blew the hell out the spirit.

I dont know, it just seems so plain and normal. Christmas isnt supposed to be plain and normal?! It’s supposed to be happy and exciting! It’s supposed to be all that chestnuts roasting on the open fire and those jingle bells all the way! Santas supposed to be coming to town!

But in an unexpected turn of events.. Rudolph assured me that Santa wasnt going to cancel his trip this year.. and jingle bells will definitely be rockin this year..

Dad had his cast removed. Hes wearing a walking cast now so its easier for him to go around. And he can even drive now, as long as were using my automatic car. And, fortunately… our Christmas trip to my province will be pushing through. Looks like the family tradition will not be broken after all. It also turns out that the pressure of school is just a temporary thing. its better that we had the exams already instead of studying during the break. My friends still gave me something to put under the tree – with my name on it. Ha! I got to go out with Mar last Friday, we had fun doing the look for less. And I had to see her family naked – when they were babies. What?! Oh, and I got to spend the third simbang gabi with Mar. It’s a first, simbang gabi with a friend. And I haven’t missed one simbang gabi while my family already missed one. I’m the last girl standing and I’ll be standing till the 9th morning. Oh. And theres one more thing. I made this Christmas wish list in my mind. I didn’t even write it down nor posted it here, I just wanted it for myself. You know, like you wanna be surprised because people unknowingly became you fairy godmothers. I wanted new pants.. those white, low-waist, cargo pants I always see in Fashion TV. When we went to Topshop, they had this SALE section. Well, you’ll expect to find size 12 there. Hallelujah. I saw the pants that I wanted, but it’s not white, its brown. But geez- 50% off and they have a size 6. I asked my mom if she could pay half of it, and she easily said yes. I got the pants. One check on the wish list. And for the best thing yet – I got The OC Mix 2 cd for our kris kringle. Iris was super nice – THANKS SO MUCH. Even though its 295 over the limit, she still got me the cd – I didn’t even asked for it. She knew I loved OC but, she’s so nice. She definitely made me happy. It’s playing right now. And that’s another check for the wishlist.

Guess this Chrismukkah isnt turning out to be the way I expected it to be. I just hope it stays this way.

6 more days. Hang in there guys.

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Last Highschool Last Day before Christmas

Well, turns out Friday didnt suck at all, except for that dreaded physics exam. It just proves that Im never, as in never, as in not in a million years will I ever be a physicist. Does interior designing needs physics? Dang. Now what will I do? Anyway, physics killed the hell out me that Friday morning, and I’m saying that in behalf of the seniors except those people whos got the physics book shoved up in their heads. Ok. No more physics. Music was ok though. I just dont know why Chopin is called the poet of the piano.

The FFC. The last ever FFC that Ill be sseing as a paulinian. The last “last day before Christmas in high school that I’m ever gonna have. The last sisters throwing candies that im ever gonna get. The last Christmas in highschool. So sad. But im just gonna have to deal with it. Ok, the grade school faculty’s show was just uh, uh…. Uh. Umm. Well. Umm.. forget them. The high schools? well, of course theyve got to do some gimmick. They cant embarrass the highschool people. And yes, funny.. but it ended just like THAT? Whatever.

Anyway. I went out Friday night with Mar. And even though shes got the colds, she still went out with me. Thanks Mar. We were planning to go to Greenbelt, well, it turns out that Greenbelt wasnt the place for us at that time. We were just not in the mood. So we went to Glorietta and did those weird things we do. Ow and everytime we see Billys billboard.. were gagging. We went to check out Mangos clothes that we could not really afford. And we went to Topshop to try on some clothes. Since it’s like past 10 already and were still windowshopping.. we were inside the fitting room of Topshop, when we went out, turns out Topshop was already closing! Haha. Those sliding metal doors of Topshop were already down and we had to semi-crawl our way out. Haha. We went to the hobby shop.. The puzzles are just frustrating. We couldnt get it figured out. Sucky. We just ended the night fantasizing bout our dream lives. Our If you were rich what will you buy.. our dream jobs and houses. Ahhhh. Dreaming. It always gets you.


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Thursday, December 09, 2004

go figure what that number means. haha.

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Thursday, December 02, 2004

o geez, i forgot to mention. point you mouse right here --*-- and watch the sparkles of this cursor hypnotize you. haha. i love that.

yoyong's here. no classes. though i love to stay at home and sip hot chocos.. i feel bad. i'm here enjoying my time away from school and people in my province are evacuating there homes.

my mom's doing a panic buying right now, incase the power goes out and store closes. news said that yoyong's gonna hit it bad at 8:00pm tonight.

can you do me favor?

please pray for those who are greatly affected in this typhoon.

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