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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Carrie Bradshaw minus sex and the city

the only thing missing is a nice condo and a walk in closet full of designer clothes. oh yeah, and blonde curls and ok fine, nothing like the real thing. but im sitting in my bed right now typing in my new laptop.. that classifies as a carrie thing huh? haha. well,things have been too good to be true lately.. well, just this one actually. haha.

im halfway through my summer.. and this has been one of the best summers i've ever had. actually, this has been the best summer of my life. even though it can get boring at times, you know, when all you do is lie around your bed all day while you're murdering your remote control.. total couch potato. it's not like you're in the beach everyday or at the movies everyday.. course there'll still be days of boredom. but count to think of think of it, this is the only summer that i've done a lot of things.

i went to puerto galera two weeks ago. dang. that was CRAZY man. CRAZY. as in, that's the craziest thing that has ever happened to me. crazy crazy crazy. that's all i could say. first, it became the "Conquer-you-fear" week for me. i had to ride a boat. i hate travelling by sea. i'm scared of it.. but i had to go through with it. it actually became a lot of fun. then i Snorkled. ok, it wasn't that much snorkling, but at least i still swam in the ocean and i had to see the fishes eye-to-eye. they were cute, in a scary kind of way. i really dont know why i just can't get along with fishes. i actually swam in the open sea. more than 5 times. that's a milestone for me.

speaking of milestones, last week was SUPER. i was in singapore, and that was just
AWESOME. the whole trip was i-cant-even-define. it was just the best trip ever. I mean, i so love singapore. Even though shopping there was expensive, i still got to buy a few stuffs for myself, luckily it was Sale at SUntec City. haha. and the best thing of all, i got to buy this laptop. i thought we decided to buy here in the Phil nalang, but i guess my parents changed there minds. And i got myself an iPod mini too. that's just awesome. haha. coincidentally, i bought my laptop from a malaysian named Kim. and i thougt Kims are mostly Koreans. Oh well.

anyway, i finally got to have an internet at home. Netopia's never gonna see me again. and i do not have to deal with those noisy on-line gamers anymore. hah.

my cousins from the Canada came home already. I missed them so much. even though this is just the second and third time that im seeing them, i dunno, it's kind of weird in a nice way to feel how much i care for them. cheesy, but true.

im not really inspirational right now. i'll work on my carrie thinking next time. it's 12:00 nn, Carrie usually types at night. maybe tonight.


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Saturday, April 16, 2005
im in singapore right now. using free internet. haha.

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Monday, April 04, 2005

ok. well, looks like my template needs some fixin. i've been putting new pics on friendster, yeah ags.. heard me right. new pics. haha. and they're photoshop-ed. haha. guess that's how stuck up i can get at home huh? well, will try to make a new one, who knows, summer boredom might do something good to this place. haha.

puerto galera on friday. can't wait.


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