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Sunday, May 29, 2005

well, im in college now. im a college student. IM IN COLLEGE.

there's so much to say about it, but my mind's all clogged up. info overload.

maybe next time.

im lame, i know.

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Keala, Christian, Tita Kulot and Tito Jun left for Canada this morning. i slept at past 1 this morning after the bbq/despidida that we had the night before. It's bee 10 hours since they left. The last time i saw my two cousins they were kissing me goodbye. I held back my tears while i saw them ride in the van. I'm going to see them after 4 years. 4 years. i'll be 22 by then. Keala's 10 and Chris' is 12. They'll be big and prettier and more handsome than ever. I'm gonna wait for another 4 years. 4 years. 4 loooong years. I miss them already.

I miss Keala and her sweetness. The way she tells me her stories in her small and cute voice. The way she tells me how she likes this dress and that show and how we made pancakes and the times we took pictures and those times that i threw her up and down in market market and the times she's have tantrums coz i wouldn't give her the camera.

I miss Christian and his foul mouth. His Uber kakulitan at kagaguhan. I miss watching DVDs with him for the whole entire day and swimming like the day's never gonna stop, climbing jollibee and punching him endlessly and running and chasing him and being sweet like the world turned upside down.

i miss them so much. and before i start, im gonna stop before i breakdown and cry.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

i haven't seen a horror flick in an actual movie house since.. -uh. sixth sense? or maybe i just couldn't remember but waaaaaayy looooong ago already. so the other day, i went to glorietta with mar *ahaha, im smiling.* and so we decided to see Amityville Horror. Ok, chelsea and jodi totally freaked us out. and that ax freaked me out too. so the movie was evil crazy and shocking and i-kept-on-screaming kind of movie but thank god it wasn't gross like Texas Chainsaw (even though i havent seen that movie yet). so that's the movie i survived till jodi was pulled by some totally i-screamed-again hand from the floor. the movie, i mean, that.. was great *ehem*.

the next day. i woke up like 9 in the morning which is like so unusual coz c'mon, me waking up at 9? when everyday my normal wake up call is at 12nn or even 1? so i woke up that early and i didnt even open the tv. The whole day. no TV the whole day. which is unlikely of me. but well, i survived yet again a no-tv-day.. with flying colors. what i did the whole day? read. i finished a meg cabot book. you know, i really should stop torturing myself with these kind of books.

but the climax of the day is this. at past 6 my brother left to go to the parlor to have his hair cut, my parents met him there so technically, i was all alone in the house. which no big but after like 10 minutes that i finished the book, it was past 7 already. it started to rain and suddenly -brownout- i was in the middle of the freaking darkness. and my-really-good-imagination started. amityville horror. omgosh. i didnt know where the flashlight is, coz it was freaking dark. thank god for cellphones. i found it and i had to go to the kitchen to get candles. totally freaked me out. i called up mar. hey, i need someone to talk to, unless the whole amityville horror family shows up at my house.

yadda yadda ya. my parents came home after an hour of darkness and lonesome.

and jodi nor any amityville horror showed up beside me. thank god. or maybe they were there and i just couldn't see...


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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

im too caught up with reading OC stuffs right now. just thought i'd drop by here. haha. :) anyhoo. im enjoying the last few days of my happy-go-lucky, wake-up-at-12nn days.

california's calling me. can't fight fate. haha. :D

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