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Saturday, July 30, 2005
I'm officially Broke

i went shopping. yeah. i looooove that sentence. SM North is having it's 3-day sale so i went there... and i came home with with my wallet wiped out.

shopping's my antidpressant. haha.

after weeks of TGIS=Tiis Gutom Ipon Salapi, (learned that from Kean.) it paid off. thanks to my saviors Vienna Sausage and Peanut Butter sandwich for lunch - i got to shopcrazy. yummm. (i wonder what's yummier, the food or the clothes? haha) but i guess i'm gonna have to think of a new menu, maybe Tuna naman or hmm, Spam? ok, im gonna have to get myself and mini can opener.

Ok, it's 4pm but im tired, im gonna hit the sack now.


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Sunday, July 24, 2005
35 cars and Ching

well, a total of 35 cars passed the driveway. yeah. and we we're only waiting for 10.. but then 35! yeah yeah! oh. and we've got this new bestfriend, the name's ching.. a red Honda SIR. we've got a love/hate relationship with that car. but, napamahal na samin si ching kahit isa siyang malaking sakit sa ulo.

weekend was totally crazy. as in shrotddhgiehghwoihvndhauwyrijajlkjdsj. yeah. ganyang kagulo. haha.

my wallet was totally wiped out from this weekend's getaway.. (seriously, the only
amount left was P1 - and i even donated that sa Church kanina.) i even owe mar P155 dahil kapos na talaga pera ko. anyway, i as looking for my gentext card kanina, so i found my old wallet. lucky me, i found a P400 in it! haha. so at least i got some money back! haha.

but i found more.. that was the wallet that i was using last year. i found old studio pics! i think the last time i had a studio pic or neoprint or whatever you call those wallet pics was 2nd year. haha, i was just not fond of that, i've got a digicam anyway. haha. but men! my grade 4/5/6/7 studio pics and neoprints -- laughtrip! the one and only studio pic that mar and i have was jst totally funny. we looked so, young and weird. and i'm still using the rainbow tank in that pic (so hindi na ko lumaki at tumaba?) oh, and i saw grade 7 grad pics. MEHN! can't stop gagging.

i even found the passed notes that me and mar had during expert days.we were talking
about ditching class, counting down the time left and teasing ayesa with the teacher in front.

more stuffs that i found:
1. yung red chinese envelope na lalagyan ng pera (wala namang laman sa loob. sheesh)
2. Victoria Secret Breathless perfume tag -- my tita gave this to me.
3. Mandy Moore concert ticket receipt! haha (mehn! i paid P3000+ for that?! whoa.)
4. Fazoli's receipt May 05, 2004 (i ate Ziti, Feta-R and iced tea)
5. Dish Receipt Feb 28, 2004 -- MY 17th BIRTHDAY TREAT! southborder gig!
6. Expert Guides Tutorial receipt and Experts bookmark and paper ID.
7. Medical Certificate for my Driver's License
8. Freeway Receipt
9. Bench Jerry Yan, Body Shop 2004 calendars
10.Powerzone card
11.Harry Potter 3 and Scooby Doo movie tickets from Rockwell. i was with Ayesa and Mar.
12.My favorite pic with my brother, the black and white one.
13.Topshop receipt (my brown cargo pants - love this pants)
14.Official Bail Receipt and Entrance tickets from the St.Paul fair 05
15. My gentext card -- found it!


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Sunday, July 17, 2005
im on the mood of thinking aloud. here i am in my semi emotional drunkness. one-liner thought though.

just when you thought you've got everything.. something's still missing.

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this is the first time in 8 weeks that i didnt go out this weekend. well, ysterday i was at misha's house then we went to glorietta, but that's because we have a "practice" which never happened- still, i didnt count that one as "going out" haha.

anyway. mehn, it feels nice to be at home, just at home.. and IN FRONT OF THE TV. i missed watching tv. i watched TV today!!! yey. i watched Disney Channel again. mehn, i miss watching cartoons. my mom asked me why do i still like watching cartoons.. well, there's just something about cartoons that makes me happy. their funny right, and its just soo fun to watch. i watched Lizzie McGuire again. i've probably watched every Lizzie episode, but i still like it..

oh! and more disney.. i watched Parent Trap last night! oh men!! that's one of my favorite movies! it's one of those movies that influenced me A LOT when i was a kid. Imagine little Lindsay Lohan, now she's this whoa chick.

ok. enough of this. i wanna watch Herbie now. :D

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Friday, July 15, 2005

finally. finally. finally. finally. and more finally. my new layout is FINALLY done. yeah yeah yeah! i looooooooooove photoshop.

im addicted to it.

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