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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

i finally got it over with. got my course cards already, thank God i got a better grade than i was expecting for Anthrop. whew. and even more big thanks to him up there for making things happen for me - with my grades that is.

oh yeah oh yeah. im just glad i made my parents happy.

so we went out for lunch after getting the course cards. ok, Mr. Orient1 sir, like i even learned anything from orient?! he ruined the supposed to be stress free block lunch. geez. can't you see our friggin names in the museum guestbook?! sheesh. anyhoo.

Jessica Simpson, yeah you're hot but ok.. so that's your role? wear short short shorts and flaunt the boobs. hookay? Dukes of Hazzard was really cool, shallow story but mehn, the driving makes you wanna jump up and down. Sean William Scott makes me laugh.. oh yeah, and i never thought he and Johnny Knoxville + General Lee (the car) would have such chemistry. if we weren't freezing inside the cinema.. we would all have hit each other for laughing so hard.

weirder things. i know im supposed to be happy for my grades and all that.. but i dunno, i feel different. yeah i got what i wanted but then, there's something still missing. i dunno. crap really. im just making a big deal about something im not supposed to be even thiking about to begin with.

im happy that my parents are happy. i guess that's just what i wanted anyway. the rewards are just bonuses i guess. see? im supposed to be pysched about the rewards.

anyway.. i found a Notting Hill DVD a while ago, and my mom bought it for me. can't wait to watch it again.. im gonna drown myself in self pity tonight, despite the fact that im really supposed to be celebrating and not beating my self up with this.

and im currently listening to a song that im not supposed to be listening to.

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Monday, August 29, 2005
i ended up going

enough babbling already. and i drove the manual. i dont suck at it anymore. yesss.

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i woke up this morning and watched tv. it's already 1:52pm and im still watching tv. gawd?! is there anything good on tv besides OC?! i probably watched na every single dvd at home. gaaa. and now i've been watching MTV and Channel V. dang, im getting fat and blind.

ok, since MTV's been on my tv.. like forever. i've concluded this: My top 3 favorite videos as of the moment. (oh gawd. i am so frigging shallow)

1. Fix You by Coldplay
this video gave me the chills the first time i saw it. I looove the song even before they realeased it. Coldplay's great - genius.
2. Cool by Gwen Stefani
this is such a "cool" video (ok, that was corny), but really, the video is just so cool. the italian theme is just amazing. the video editing is really good. (ok, can i come up with a better adjective than amazing and good?!)
3. Bad Day by Daniel Powter
i saved the best for last. this video is soooo sweet. there's a story in it, but it's not like those mtv stories.. basta, you have to see it. the concept's really simple but the ending's just nice. made me smile. and it stars Samaire Armstrong.. Anna, from The OC - really pretty.

there. anyhoo.. so besides watching TV.. my laptop's been my bestfriend - keeps me company ya know. and yes, i've been addicted to photoshop - bored and inspired. here's the product:

my wallpaper right now. when camera phone and vanity meets.

my brother freaked out when he saw this. he probably uploaded this in friendster.

i was supposed to go to divi today, but turns out my mom had to go to the office, and she didnt wake we up.. so i ended up being a bum ONCE AGAIN at home. oh, and there's this thing. i dunno if i should go or not. i have like an hour left to decide. but i doooooont know!!!!! gawd.

this post makes it really OBVIOUS that im HELL BORED at home. i really should kill myself for fun. or at least bang my head on the wall to amuse myself.

nick jr.'s making me craaaaazy already. damn you Blue's Clues!!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Wags and Kiki's First Road Trip

my *official* first day of my termbreak was yesterday. after i passed that poligov paper,i headed for Ateneo to pick Aggie up. yes, to pick her up - i brought my car! and my dad filled up the gas for me, yey. i saw Ayesa (imissyoualready!) in her PE class. ok, basketball? haha.

anyhoo. Aggie and I left Ateneo and our first stop, Gateway. so there we are in the
parking lot.. by the time i parked the car, found out her mom's there so we took off.
we didnt pay for the parking coz technically, within 14 mins you're parking's free. hah.

so we headed for Eastwood instead. and it started to rain. but when we were along Blueridge we decided to stop by Clare's house, hoping she's there.. after i doorbelled like 6 times, their maid told me she's in school. dang. sayang. it would have been a surprising surprise. we were even planning on going to St. Paul but it was like 2:30pm, they're probably in class and besides, sinong pupuntahan namin don? haha.

Eastwood + Rain = no tiangge.

but who cares?

Me + Aggie + Camera + P200 = FUN.

we ate Moo fries.

we had Almondine at Floyd's

and we took 122 pictures the whole day.. this is just 2 of them.

i had so much fun. i mean, spending the day with Aggie?! 'twas really great.
looooves you Wags. i kept my promise, i picked you up after class!:)

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I Survived.

wow. it's been 10 days since i last posted. Last week was HELL WEEK. cramming with papers and projects and debates.. oh mehn, it's all OVER. done. finish.


I remember during the first weeks i feel so depressed. Missing my highschool friends'
one thing, and another is adjusting to the new school and the new academics. i hate
myself for pressuring myself. Well, i guess it's just part of the whole college thing.. i mean, im torturing my own self! i hate that feeling. anyway. that's over and done. First terms finished (i can't believe i've been going to school for 3 months now!? and it's just August?!) it feels like time's moving fast, but when you think about it.. it's actaully moving so slow.. i dunno. i'm starting to think aloud again, sorry - but this is my blog so i'm allowed to do this. haha.

anyway. the thing is, im glad the first term's done. but im really scared, more of worried about next term -- another pressure for me. SEE?! i dont know why i do that to myslef. it's such a bad character, i should be optimistic.

anyway, i'm just gonna enjoy the rest of the term break. im gonna do something productive. i'm gonna clean my room today. yes. productive. gaa.

before i end this post. you know what else? my first term in college wouldn't be so much fun without LC18 -- thanks for keeping the load lighter guys.

wild bunch. crazy for the cam.

lunch buddie @ animo

being yellow for eej. haha :) hepa!

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Saturday, August 13, 2005
I Wish.

exactly how i feel right now.

listening to: Girl on TV. i wish for you on a falling star, wondering where you are, do i ever cross your mind in the warm sunshine..

im currently digging old school songs. yeah. the likes of Mmmbop and Wannabe.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Happy Birthday Mommy!

i wuuuuuuv you! :D

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

the first gig in Kizmet was uber fun. they ROCKED THE HOUSE. haha. how do i even start this? haha. well, todo project i Kean. enjoying every moment in the limelight (bogbog kita chubs eh!) ang kuliiiit ng tito ni Kean, lasing na kasi eh, he kept on requesting for "Only Hope", tamang tama, they did a Mandy Moore cover "Cry". here's some of the songs that i could remember, some favorite song covers and performance. wee.

1. Crazy For You - ok, so Spongecola made this popular, but Callalily made it rrrrrrrreaggae!
2. Prinsesa - jamming with Kean's cousin - a guitar god - strummed the guitar with his teeth! ha. take that! i really love this song.
3. Wherever You Will Go - ok, biglang nag "Noypi" medley. cool.
4. Biglaan - i swear, Callalily's better than 6Cycle Mind with this song.
5. Be Like That - wowowowow galeeeng. maypa bulong bulong pang nalalaman.
6. The Day You Said Goodnight - props for Kean sa attempt nyang maging si Champ. Pero kuya, wala talaga. si champ ay si champ.. di mo maabot, i falsetto mo nalang. haha! AT napakanta si Tatsi. woohoo!
7. Ulan - ulaaaaaaan ulaaaaaan ulan, sinong di mapapasayaw sa ulan.
8. Mr. Clay - here's the story, some guy requested for Mr. Clay.. so ok, kinapa ang chords.. and galing na ng drums at ng guitars pero pagdating sa vocals.. haha. hindi alam ang lyrics so Kean ended up singing "pineapple pineapple.." at "hfahfihoiwehjshfjkhfueh" , his usual rapping.

haha. wont fill this page up. but you get the picture. they rocked.

every Saturday of August @ Kizmet, 3rdflr Millenium Place (in front of Metrowalk Ortigas) and September 10, 2005 in Camp Crame (with Mayonnaise, 6Cycle Mind..)

but the night will not end without these.

marianne + kimmy = pictures all night. (and this is just 3 of the many many many)

Joshua - the 5th member of getaway (with Ben as singit)

mark pretending to be a bystander. and a really nice pic.

there. the chicken lollipops are overpriced!

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Getting my money's worth

ok. kick me if im being such a loser. but this is sooooo cool. coz im in school right now, with my laptop using lasalle's wi-fi network. HAH. free internet man. thanks to the guy in yellow, he taught me how to connect. woot! woot! great.

im gonna bring this again to school.. free internet. wee!

ok, gonna study for anthrop now. i dunno why im soooo lazy. im gonna hit myself na. *whoopak*

btw, FELLOW LASALLIANS. if no.2 calls,i highly suggest Yuchengco 3rdflr or 6thflr. there's bidet. wohoo!

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Sunday, August 07, 2005
long lost post *edited*

well. i was supposed to post this a week ago, but i guess i was too lazy to post.. actually, ang tagal lang talaga mag load ng blogger. haha. anyway. my pictures are taking so much time to post. so im getting pissed na kung kelan ko gusto mag post, tagal naman ng pictures magload. grrr. one reason why im not thinking of having a multiply coz my prepaid internet's grr.. tagal mag upload.

anyway. later. pag natapos na to. post uli. haha :D

finally. uploaded na. the pictures will say it all.

the green archers. though we lost, they still rocked the court.

Image hosted by
my green archer hero. Yeo, you've got to do better, Tang's overpowering you.

Image hosted by
Hail. Hail. Hail to the Lasalle Animo.

Image hosted by
yeah. we feel the green blood within. pump it up!

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Thursday, August 04, 2005
haha. using free internet in school. if you cant see my tag-board. well, it's gona whacko. cant see it too, but now i can.. ok, that's confusing.

gonna research now.

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