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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
There's no use of crying over spilled milk

after 10 minutes of ranting over that Kaspil test (im not even gonna elaborate on this, let's just say NO COMMENT), you know what... screw that test. there's just no point of feeling sad about it. i studied the whole monday for it. i've already stressed out my brain. i wouldn't be getting a good grade, thanks to our dear kind kaspil teacher, but i know i studied long and hard for that. i've practically poured out all my brain cells for that test. i can even recite the contributory factors of Filipino nationalism, the stages of Filipino nationalism, Rizal as a humanist and the nationalism of Rizal as gleamed in his works and novels right now.

moving on.

thanks to lipovitan im still feeling hyper as ever. yes. H-Y-P-E-R. sometimes i drive myself nuts. thanks to my really nice morning in the south conservatory. but that's between me, drea, eka and the yellow pads, scratch papers and notes of kaspil. wee wee.


dear eka. i hope you're reading this. i love you dear.. and im sorry i don't have answers nor anything helpful for that matter. all i have is a great big waaaarm hug and company for you. i wish i could have cheered you more than my blabbing of noli me tangere lines. im sorry, kaspil was just blocking my way. but you know that im always going to be here for you. i ran from the south conserve (you know i left that certain something for you) to z-squared. things will be better dear. hold on. we're here.


im listening to the live coverage of everything ERASERHEADS. im too overwhelmed. i wish it were really Ely, Marcus, Buddy and Raymund who were playing. here's a little historical background, the E-heads were the first band that i became a fan of, thanks to the influence of my older cousins in my mom's side. i remember i was still in the 3rd grade "Fruitcake" days and 4th grade "El Bimbo" days and we went to Laguna with songbooks of E-heads songs and a guitar. we were singing E-heads songs beside the pool. haha. until that time came and i was brainwashed by the backstreet boys and the spice girls. and then the E-heads disbanded. they were the Beatles of OPM music - so amazing how one particular band can affect a generation of people. i wish they made music longer.

UltraElectroMagnetic Pop (and now it's Jam)

im out.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005
Sibling B-ball

ej and i played basketball a while ago. wala lang, just the heck of it. we were in Makati in our lola's house because it's papa's 40th day of death. anyhoo, the terriyaki was sooooo yummy. and my cousins now have a mini sari-sari store. twas soooo cute, so small and so green colored. haha, i bought the last pillows and ate the last 2 stick-o's.

back to our bball game. well of course i lost. dude, i suck big time. i dont know how to play but at least i can shoot. haha. after a brutal one-on-one, we played 21 - it's where you shoot from the free throw line, that's 2pts.. then get the ball (but you're only allowed one bounce) then you can shoot it near the basket, that's 1pt. if you got both shots, it's still your turn. first one to get 21 wins. i lost again. he's already shooting the 21st point, im stil at 8. i suck, i know! haha.

oh well. pawis.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
just came home from Promenade. Yes of course, i watched Harry Potter GoF on it's opening day. like i always do. haha.

i got so stressed out and completely irritated and all the curses you can think of about the on-line enrollment, hassle sheeeesh. daming gastos sa internet. i could have bought something else with that money na. arrrgh. my patience went to a blank state - zero. hanggang greenhills panic na panic na ko. glad that's over with.

i love you arlene and mae. thanks so much.

back to harry, thank God for Harry (and arlene and mae), they all made my day. gosh, i can't stop raving about Harry Potter right now. the movie is just sooooo great. 800+ pages squeezed in 3 hours. and my gaaawd, i cried (mar did too! haha). the movie didn't disappoint me. sooooo greeeeeaaat. im watching it again this weekend. haha. i dont know what the hell happened to Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, they used to look cute, but now... err. And Emma Watson's getting more beautiful by each movie. waah. yule ball. so funny so great so waaaaaah! nuff raving. shush.

pudding with vanilla sauce in figaro. yumm.

gotta split, my eyes are heavy already.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005
Kimmy needs

i was reading eka's blog and i'm stealing her idea (sorry eks, i know it's ok anyway.) type your name + needs like this: "kimmy needs" in quotation and search what you need in google.

here's what Google thinks that i need..

kimmy needs someone like DJ to keep her out of trouble
kimmy needs a little help
kimmy needs to make some new friends and find adventures

kimmy needs sorting
kimmy needs more money
kimmy needs to make herself another reminder list

now it feels like Google can pass as a crystal ball or tarot cards or something.. because i think i need those. (try typing "kimmy needs" in google, i swear you'll see those lines.) haha. who ever that DJ is i sure hope he's seth cohen.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
this week started with a bang! a big, bad A-Bomb.

im screwed. bankrupt. depressed. confused. replaced.

am i on the bubble? so delicate that one sharp touch would pop my bubble, let me
fall flat on the floor, or whatever surface is waiting for me down there. please tell me that this is just one of those bad days? there's just no sad song that can turn my day around.

for some dramatic odd reason, i feel really sad. there was a time when i thought that i've finally found my anti-depressant, the one thing that will always spin my day around.. turn the gray skies back to blue. (and no, it's not shopping, that's my pseudo anti-depressant.) I was wrong, i thought i found it but it was just a temporary thing. how come i feel so bad about something that i really treasured?

a friendship went stealth and replaced.

at its best? so i've heard.

i thought summer was all time.

but turns out that summer was history after all.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005
8 freaking yellow pad pages

for 5 essay questions. gosh. the long test that my block has been waiting for. finally, we got that over with.

my gooooood. i swear, mental blockout talaga. i practically memorized my whole freaking notebook, you should see my notebook, may extension pa yan sa yellow pad. aaack. at least that's done. buti nalang i didnt drop Kaspil. the test was fairly ok, at least yung mga inaral ko lumabas sa essay questions. thank god.

now im freeeeee. yey.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
4 years

that's how loooong we're all gonna wait till we see Chris and Keala again. they're leaving tomorrow.

i hate goodbyes.

and i hate going back to school.

blotted @ 10:29 PM