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Monday, January 30, 2006
I Love Mondays

people have been asking me why i love mondays in YM because of my stat message.

if you're Arlene, Mae, Kla, Naj, Meh, Majoy, Burton or Ej, you'd understand why.

I love Arlene's kitchen (but I LOVE ARLENE more) - ang daming grocery! so instead of making hotcakes, Kla and I cooked spaghetti! corned beef spaghetti! dont ask us what's in it. secret na namin yun, but they loved it! wohoo. and diet coke sponsored by Mae and Majoy. thankyouverymuch.

it's monday afternoon! poker afternoons just like what we planned the week before. no money involved, just value-free chips for poker non-gambling fun! haha. Arlene was teaching Kla and Mae how to play poker kanina, they're using Yakee Bubble Gum as chips alternative, since we were using the chips. While Naj was busy on the phone with her Chris (haha).. may chance na kaming manalo. and yey! i won. woopee.

oh, and not to mention the background music of Arlene's housemate singing Sponge Cola's Una, ehem ehem, who could that be. PN ---> thumbs up. right on. haha.

let's see.. what's next on the menu? hmm. can't wait for the next monday. :)

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
crepes and chips

Filipi1 was free cut a while ago. So, Arlene and I planned on watching DVDs. since we've got 2hours and 30mins to spare till our 5pm BA meeting. we didnt end up watching DVDs though, she invited more people over... so while it was just the two of us in the condo, we hit the kitchen and dug up for something to cook. there was hotcake flour, eggs (one's a really big egg), chocolate and strawberry syrup, bananas and mangoes and voila! CREPE!

Meh, Burton, Kla, Y2, Ej and Naj came. Meh and I made some mean "burnt" tikoys. it was still good. nothing beats perspirizing Meh cooking tikoys! haha. and yes, tikoy is cooked - dipped in egg then fried, yummm. and we made Arlene eat it and she liked it.

then we played POKER! one big YEY! for Meh and I, because we now officially know how to play poker. thanks Arlene for being such a great poker teacher. there was no money involved, just chips that are valueless, but we call them dollars anyway. so monday afternoons till 4pm is now declared as poker afternoon! we just had to squeeze in a poker time.

why am i not doing anything for the third term? inersci. oh gaaaaad.

ok, im going to practice drawing a dog now.

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Monday, January 23, 2006
weekend # 3 part II

Saturday was the SPCP Himigsikan Fair

Omg, i'm back again. it was the St. Paul fair and tradition has it that those who just left comes back. well, yeah to compare the last fair from the present fair, to watch those lower batches do their thing and still pick at them and but mostly and i think best of all, to comes back for those we missed and to show up at the rendezvous with the batchmates that you grew up with.

nostalgia moment again.

i met up with Steff last Saturday, we were together the whole afternoon during the fair. I missed her. she was my little sister in St. Paul. It's amazing how in one hour i told her everything about college already. and she was bitching about my craziness, my dumbness and everything else, but she was there and i missed telling her stories every afternoon.

then i saw my DT friends and my bespren Mela, my other lower batch friends, my teachers.. aaack it's like the spirit of highschool past was haunting me. well, haunting in a good way.

i was with ms. mortel and mar the whole night. i really missed her too. come to think of it, first steff was like the younger sister i never had. and ms. mortel was like the big sister i never had. we talked, and talked and talked some more. we were just together the whole time, and it was really great. not to mention, she's my sneak-partner that night. i've got some talent in sneaking in. haha. even though we were missing kathoy (since she's too busy with her you-know-what) Mar, Ms. Morts and I had some good 'ol fun. we were like a bunch of lunatics cheering at the back of the gym, singing, taking pictures and dissing that Thor singer, and attempting to hang ourselves if Thor or Luke Mijares comes out once again.. i dont know what the hell we're doing, but it was some real good time. not to mention, i got to watch Sponge Cola again. yes, Yael. (i just couldn't finish a post without saying Yael huh?)

i saw a lot of my batchmates. and i mean, A LOT. it was really great to see them again. surprise surprise, some are just the same - in all aspects, still like that. some changed their looks, some got fat, some lost weight, and some brought their boyfriends along (ok, mar.. there is something wrong with the picture. haha, just kidding). it was really exciting. oh gee, it's just almost a year since we left highschool and a lot has already changed?! wait till we have that alumni homecoming thing - we're probably conquering the whole world. haha.

i missed st. paul for some reason. i sure miss highschool, but i don't wanna go back. it's just really nice to back to your old school and reminisce those stupid times.

Sunday was Pacquiao Day

nothing much last sunday. i dont think people went out of their houses. they're anticipating for the Pacquiao-Morales match too much. i did watch the last 4 rounds till Morales went down to his knees.

Mrs. President is glad you that you won, at least for a week people will forget about her uselessness and greediness.

Pinoy Pride Pacquiao. Congratulations for kicking some Mexican ass.

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weekend #3

friday was the BACKSTREET BOYS.

i told myself, i can settle for an upper B ticket. it was 1000 bucks and it took me a little more push to bring out the cash. but that upper B didnt suck at all. they paid 5000 to get a nice picture of them, and for the lucky ones, got a to swipe their
sweaty backstreet hands. then again, we're all watching the same concert - only, i seem taller than them from up there. haha. Arlene and I kept on screaming OMYGAAAAAWD. earlier that week, we kept on saying "i cant believe we're not watching the Backstreet's concert" and then, the moment we stepped inside Araneta and the moment we sat on our seats (btw, thanks Kirk, Arlene's brother, for saving those seats) it turned into: "omg, i cant believe we're actually watching this!"

arlene and i, enjoying it.

there was this blimp with and "OHM" floating around the coliseum before the concert and it was really annoying. but just before half of the coliseum's lights turned off along with the million decibels of screaming audience, the blimped parked on the sides.

a group of girls behind us who are the exact kind of girls that we mimick with their omg-it's-like-that-naman-eh talk was just tooooooo entertaining for us. apparently, their sign boards which says "This is HOWIE do it" (hahaha!) and 2 others that unfortunately i didnt get a chance to peak at, are not so visible. So when they saw another group of girls holding a sign board with big, neon colored N-I-C-K-! on it they freak and are totally ready to compete.

finally the lights turned off, and all you can see are cellphones lighted up and some glow sticks and blinkies which in my opinion is a perfect visual of the galaxy. so there goes the music... the video in the big screen... and the pumping hearts of ever person in the audience.. and the blinking strode lights when finally after a blink. there they are - standing on top of the stage's stairs formed in a triangle - The Backstreet Boys.

wow, that was some drama description huh? haha.

it's not a clear one, but it's still them. haha.

It was one hell of a show - i just had to say that. Araneta was jampacked. people are standing.. no one ever sat down (except for the in denial BSB fans in the crowd). that concert was a classic boy band show. Oh come on, like you never ever loved, sang and danced Get Down 9 years ago. Like you never, not for one second, got crushed by those boy band antics. Nope, im not denying it. i loved them back then. oooh yeah.

the moment the music started, every person in the crowd was singing their song. uh-huh. definitely singing. and even though those songs were like 9, 5, 3 years ago.. the lyrics are like carved in our minds already. the funny thing is, when the BSB were pointing the mic towards the crowd.. the crowd screams, but when we're not asked to sing, we sing. haha.

the dance. it was classic BSB dance. yeah yeah, their movements are so cheesy. but come on, we loved it. it's what they do. those synchronized movements - it was one of the reasons we loved them in the first place.

the songs.
we were hoping, wishing and praying that they'd sing the old songs. because we dont know any of the new ones except those that are played in myx. but the old songs are just better than the new ones. those were the songs that started the whole mania. and they granted us our wish. in between new songs, they never fail to sing the old ones. let me show you the shape of my heart..... i dont care who you are, where you're from what you did as long as you love me.... ill never break you're heart, ill never make you cry.... i will love you more than that.... and that makes you larger than life.... quit playing games with my heart....i want it that way.. ladialalala.. we can keep on singing that, we just wont stop. but the best performance was All I Have To Give. the suit, the hat, the smooooth moves, man it feels like grade school all over again.

i cant believe after 9 years, i finally got to see the Backstreet Boys. the concert was classic, boy band hype. except for Nick Carter. sorry to disappointed the nick fans but he's not as hot as he used to be. he's fatter, his shirt was too boring, and he's dance moves are like .3 seconds late. but what the hell, they were having fun on stage and we were having funn watching them. those 5 cheesy singing and dancing guys just stole our pop music hearts back. Omg, they're back again! Everybody.... yeahhhhhhh. Backstreet's Back (alright.)

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Thursday, January 19, 2006
ok, so i haven't been here for like, forever. well technically just two weeks and uhh.. 5 days. and im back. woppee. it's really not because of school.. well, mostly because of school works and also mostly because im just too lazy to post. there's just so many things to post about that i ended up not posting anything.

i know.

let's see. here's the 5 things that i want to post about but just too lazy to expound on.

1. it's the 3rd term. there's so much going on in school, besides the works to do, and batch shirts to sell and activities to organize. there's also, the block romance, butch and jowell are together now, im happy for you guys, stay calm. and there's new
classmates = new friends and new teachers, one's happy as in gay, some are cool and some are just plain boring. im really happy i'm with most of my blockmates. they're
already part of my system.

2. during the break, i had all the time in the world to watch DVDs, but then, i didnt have anything to watch! and now there's school.. here's comes the dvds. season 2 of
friends and one tree hill. aack. it's like dvd every 11pm.

3. i watched the Met's romeo and juliet play last feb 14 and it was well, good. aggie might be reading this, so i won't put any spoilers. hahaha. but can i just say.. that angel! haha. Yan Yuzon was something. HOT. tsssssss. oh and by the way, i got in for free. passed through the fire exit. my mom knows this guy who knows this guy that
works at the theater who got us (me and drea) in. waha. cheater.

4. ok, im putting this in a separate number. Yuzon brothers. mehn. they're like. WHOA. hahaha. ok, this is useless talk, i know, but forgive me, im raving. share my happiness please. anyway, after the play there happened to be a special perfomance
by Pupil and Sponge Cola. Ely + Yan + Yael.. yes, definitely my night. so to cut
the story short: You'll never thought that the guy playing rhythm guitars for Pupil is actually Romeo. Yan Yuzon is just whoa. but when Yael came into the picture. oh gee. drool over guys in a wife beater. dammit. oh and just when things are great, it gets greater because Ely and Yael sang "Pare Ko". wee.

5. im watching the Backstreet Boys concert tomorrow with Arlene. no grunts. no bad reactions please. as if you were never a fan of BSB. although Nsync totally kicked BSB outta the picture, i was once dancing Get Down. yeah, as long as you love me. hahaha. wohoo.

ok, dvd time. :)

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Sunday, January 01, 2006
Hello 2006.

ok, i was planning on writing something long, nostalgic and inspirational right now but im really lazy to do that plus im not in the mood to do so. so let's just make it plain and simple..

2005 was an i-cant-even-describe-it-year. it's probably one of the climax years of my life. (climax years of my life? whaa?) life changing year, that's how you put it i guess.

i finished highschool and i entered college.

even though i left highschool and missed (and still missing) my friends, more than i ever did before, i made new friends.

more drama. more jc. more fun. less money. haha.

2006 whatcha got for me huh?! bring it on.

happy new year!

PS: new year, new template. i wuv it. wee.

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